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Charles Lane,Ohio.

Battle of Atlanta Georgia,July 22-28,1864.

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Among those who fell to rise no more in the first victorious charge made by the 81st Ohio, was Captain Charles Lane, commanding Company K. A rebel bullet pierced his head, and his death was instantaneous. To say that he died at his post in defense of his country, gives him an immortality of honor on the bright roll of his country's heroes ; to say that he was beloved by his men, and respected by his fellow officers ; that he was one of the very few in the army possessing firmness sufficient to resist its temptations; that his private character was stainless^ that his example was that of a noble Christian soldier all this may render his memory dear to his friends, and reconcile them in part to his loss. But around his widowed and orphaned hearthstone are lonely hearts gathered to whom no eulogy can bring the balm of consolation. Theirs is a grief too sacred and tender for h II man touch. 

First Lieutenant Charles Lane, promoted to Captain, Feb. 20, '63 ; killed in the battle of Atlanta, July 22, '64.

Charles Lane.

Birth: 1831?.
Death:July 22,1864.

Wife; Jennie C.Lane, 1833-January 11,1905.

Burial:  Bellefontaine Cemetery, Bellefontaine, Logan county, Ohio.

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