Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Layer Out Of The Dead.

I have been working on the Philadelphia City Directories,looking for odd job titles.  The first Philadelphia Directory was published in 1785,at this time only names were listed.  Then around 1817 they listed the address.  In around 1822 they added the Job titles..

The job I was interested in was said in different ways;Lays out dead, Layer out dead, Layer out of the dead.  These jobs were performed mostly by woman.  I tried to find out what this job was and what it in tells but was unable to do so..

If any one knows or learns what this job is please drop me a line.  I would be most grateful.

Below is a list of years and names of who performed this job.


Elizabeth Howell.
Ann Betham.
Mary Bulfinch.
Elizabeth Carter.
Elizabeth Evans.
Rebecca Graff.
Elizaberth Griffitn.
Jane Hook.
Mart Horne.
Elizabeth Hutman.
H. January.
Mrs. Kraft.
Rebecca Wile.
Catharine Wolbert.


Mary Harman.
Jane Harron.
Catharine Johnson.
Margaret Miller.
Elizabeth Priest.
Elizabeth Shields.


Mary Harman.
Catharine Johnson.
Elizabeth Priest.


Eleanor Adams.
Ann Askings.
Mary Dillin.
Rachel Gabel.
Margaret Lybrnd.
Ann Zimmerman or Zimmermann.


Eliza Casey.
Mrs. Marg. Lybrand.
Susan T. Matthews.
Sarah Sprague.
Mrs. A. M. Wilson.
Ann Zimmerman or Zimmermann.


Rachel Garel.
Mrs.Marg. Lybrand.
A. M. Wilson.
Ann Zimmerman or Zimmermann.


Anna A. Albright.
Julia Carman.
Mary Hunsberry.


Anna C. Hoffman.
Margaret Husberry.
Maria Kline.
Margaret Kraus.
Ann Zimmerman or Zimmermann.


Ann Albright.
A. C. Hoffman.
Margaret Kraus.
Ann Skerrett.
Sophia Strumpfer.

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