Monday, February 23, 2015

Charles Hufty.

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Captain Charles Hufty Was born in Philadelphia, July twenty-fourth, 1839, in which city he resided during the early days of his life. He passed his school life with high honors, and was noted for his probity, intelligence and high moral character. The family having removed to Camden, New Jersey, he resided with them, and was engaged in the hardware business in Philadelphia until the sound to battle, which roused the nation to unbrotherly strife ; when, impelled by a patriotic love of country, he at once hastened to join the conflict for the restoration and perpetuation of our glorious Union.

When the call came for volunteers for three months' service, he responded at once, and enlisted in the Philadelphia Grays, First regiment artillery, Pennsylvania volunteers, and left with them for the seat of war in April, 1861. Having served out his three months term, he entered the ranks of the Ninth New Jersey, then just forming. He participated in all the campaigns and battles in which that regiment was engaged, and was promoted to the captaincy of Company I; July twenty-fifth, 1864. For nearly two years he acted as quartermaster of the Ninth. Having passed unharmed through many battles until almost the close of the war,

Captain Hufty was at last fatally wounded at the head of his company in the skirmish at South- west Creek, North Carolina, March seventh, 1865. He died at the officer's hospital, Newbern, where he received every attention, and had every care that kind-hearted women could give him, but passed away from this life on the fourteenth, regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, and beloved by his numerous friends for his many virtues and gentle disposition. His remains were interred at Mount Vernon cemetery, Philadelphia, April tenth, 1865.

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