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Lodowick Coleman Leeds

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Lodowick Coleman Leeds.

Birth: unknown.
Death: Jan. 18, 1901.

Wife: Martha B. Leeds.

Married 1876.

Children: Lodowick C. Jr., Will L., Carlos W., Jessie M. Leeds.

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

Michigan twenty-fifth, infantry.

Leeds, Lodovick C, Oronoko. Enlisted in company C, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Aug. 8, 1862, at Oronoko, for 3 years, age 20. Mustered Sept 10, 1862. Corporal March 30, 1863. Sergeant May 14, 1864. Mustered out at Salisbury, N. C. June 24, 1865. Died in Dallas, Texas, Jan. 18, 1901.

Time to Eat.

Occasionally there were places where something good would open up. Soon after our return to Loudon, Sergt. Leeds of Co. C cast a wistful eye across the Tennessee, when a flock of sheep ran across his sight, upon which he said to " Uncle Ben ": " I wish we had some of that mutton over there." " I wish we had, too," came the answer. The times were such that nothing more needed to be said: no permission granted, no prohibition ordered — though there were standing orders against foraging except under direction of the quartermaster. The sergeant at once understood the words well enough to pick up a squad and "go for 'em." He had no difficulty in finding a boat, which, with a little repairing (soldiers always have a way of doing such things) bore them right speedily to the other shore. Landing by a farm house they stopped to get something to eat, and found a smoke house well filled with hams, shoulders and the like, to which they helped themselves and loaded their bayonets with all they could carry. In this way the mutual wishes of " Uncle Ben " and themselves were fully satisfied for the time being.

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