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Marion County Kansas, Poor Farm.

William K. Palmer
Publish date 1902.
The Marion County, Kansas Poor Asylum, also called the Poor Farm opened its doors in the Spring of 1890.  It sat on 160 acres.  One of the first Superintendents was "William K. Palmer", 1900.  The farm would close its doors in 1965. The residences of the farm were called Inmates and Pauper among other things. The residences would work the fields to help pay for their upkeep.

Now I will not give a full history on the poor Farm, as there are some good web sites, here is a link to one.

Note. For some reason this link is not working, however if you copy it and put it in your search box you will find it.

What I was interested in was the residences of the Farm.  Its my on going search to find surnames to find any kind of information I can to help my readers find some information on their ancestors.

Publish date unknown.
Poor Farm Residences of 1900.

Sarah Fairfield; Age 65, born Ohio.
Mary Honskie; Age 39, born Bohemia.
Rena Eier; Age 80, born Germany.
Christian Eirtt; Age 75, born Germany.
Elizabeth Beck; Age 47, born Pennsylvania.
Katherine Kiassen; Age -, born Russia.
Geoege Uhrig; Age-, born Russia.
Henry Bentz; Age 22, born Kansas.
David Blake; Age 80, born Ohio.
Donald McPherson; Age 72, born Scotland.
Ameal Fontey; Age 34, born France.

Publish date 1902.
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Poor Farm Residences of 1910.

Henry Easter; Age 82, born Pennsylvania.
Jenie Easter; Age 67, born Iowa.
John Nelson; Age 67, born  Swedon.
Richard Daise; Age 69, born England.
John Sulenger; Age 78, born Kentucky.
Dora Basthodanew; Age 42, born Illinois.

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