Tuesday, October 20, 2015

THomas Harlow.

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Corporal Harlow of Company C, was born December 2ist, 1842, on Atkinson(now Congress) street, Boston, and was left, without father and mother when but ten years old. When the war broke out, he was learning the photo graph business.

In 1861, Mr. Hill, who was with the Chickering Piano Company offered him $300 to go into the army for him as a substitute. Harlow declined. No man could hire him to fight for his country. In 1862, he enlisted in Roxbury, in the Forty-first regiment, Company C. He was a total stranger to every member in the company. As a member of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry from the date of the enlistment until he was discharged at Falls Church, Va., he never was reported on the sick list. He was taken prisoner May 1st, 1864, at Pineyville La., and confined at Tyler, Texas.

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