Friday, October 30, 2015

William. Alexander Lord.

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Captain William. Alexander Lord, born in Rochester, New York, August 31st, 1838. Childhood was spent in Rochester, Albany and Buffalo. In 1851 moved to Chicago, Illinois. In 1856 graduated from Judge Bell's Commercial College. In i860 graduated from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, with degree of A. B. Employed as accountant by G. and C. Union R. R. Co. ; devised new system of book accounts for their shops. Went to Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Studied law with Judge Spooner When the war broke out, enlisted 70 men; was made 1st lieutenant in Tompkins' battalion of mounted riflemen, afterward Company "H," 13th Missouri; and later 5th Missouri Cavalry.

After more than a year's service the command was transferred to Illinois credit, and Governor Yates commissioned Tompkins major 3d battalion and Lieutenant Lord as captain Company "H," 14th Illinois Cavalry; were mustered February 6th, 1863. Commanded Company "H" until September 30th, 1863 ; was then detached as A. A. G. of 4th brigade, 4th division, 23d Army Corps. Captain Lord served on General Stoneman's staff during the raid to Macon, Georgia, and did valuable service in the battle of Sunshine Church, and led one of the columns that charged through the rebel lines after Stoneman surrendered. During the last campaign Captain Lord served on General Schofield's staff. He was mustered out with the regiment.

Colonel Capron, in his report of Stoneman raid, says : "I would here mention the valuable assistance which Captain Lord of the 14th Illinois, and assistant commissary I of musters on General Stoneman's staff, rendered me, not only in the engagement of the 31st, where he exhibited great gallantry and bravery in leading a portion of my command several times in the charges made on the enemy, but also on my retreat in obtaining information in regard to the best route to be taken, and in constantly leading the advance of my command."

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