Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Francis Downs, Wusconsin.

This is a picture of Corporal Francis Downs, I found him interesting looking and was going to do a post on him. But after starting researching him I was unable find any personal information on him  I was able to find his service record, but was unable to find any family information other then his mother was Mary Wells.

I was hoping you readers could help fill in the blanks.

Wisconsin First Artillery.
Francis Downs, Residence Gale, Enlister or Mustered August 27, 1861; Corporal; Mustered out October 11, 1864, Term expired.
Wisconsin 49th., Infantry, Co. C.
Francis Downs, First Lieutenant, Residence La Coese, Enlisted or Mustered  March 6, 1865; Second Lieutenant, January 27, 1865 Mustered out November 11, 1865.

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