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John V.M. Sutphin.

Corp John V.M. Sutphin.

Birth: 1843.
Death: 1914,

Wife: Frances C Moore Sutphin (1845 - 1909).

Children: Anna A Sutphin (1869 - 1954).

Burial: Neshanic Cemetery, Neshanic, Somerset County, New Jersey.

New Jersey Ninth Infantry Co. F., Regimental History. 

Corporal John V. M. Sutphin was eighteen years of age when he enlisted in Company F, having been born in May, 1843, at Reaville, Hunterdon county, New Jersey. He was with his company at Roanoke Island, and in the battle of Newbern he received a shot in his breast his life being preserved by his blankets, cartridge-box belt and apparel, through which the bullet passed before entering his ftesh. He participated in all the battles in wich the Ninth engaged in North Carolina, and was detailed to act as a sharpshooter. When the regiment went to North Carolina, Corporal Stphin won the prize offered by Captain Appleget to the one making the best shot lying down. He was in every engagement with his company from Walthall in May to Petersburg in the latter part of August, 1864, when a piece of shell, which struck him on the right leg below the kee, disabled him for life. Despite this he was kept at light service in the hospital, and was not discharged until the end of the war. Corpral Sutphm still lives (1889), with happy remembrances of the services performed by him in the battles for the perpetuity of the government.


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