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Alfred Sickman.


Fifth West Virginia Cavalry, Formerly Second Virginia Infantry, Company G.
Alfred Sickman was born June 27, 1840, in a farm house in Mifflin township, Allegheny county, Pa. His mother died when he was about 8 years old. and his father, Samuel Sickman, married his second wife,  Miss Ann Ailes, about two years later, and removed to California in Washington county, Pa., in the spring of 1858. Alfred attended the seminary there until the breaking out of the rebellion, when he recruited what was later called the "Pike Run squad," and proceeding with his men to Pittsburgh, became a part of the Plummer Guards, and was elected first lieutenant at the organization. He was unassuming, pleasant and considerate, greatly liked by his men.

He met every duty as it presented itself, and bravely and conscientiously served his county to the best of his ability. At the battle of Allegheny Mountain. December 13. 1861, while gallantly leading his men, he was shot and fell dead in front of the enemy, dying as a brave soldier should. His remains were left on the mountain side, and were buried by his comrades, April 7, 1862, on their way to Monterey.

Alfred Sickman of Company G, who was instantly killed. Lieut. Sickman was a cool, brave and gallant officer. He ascended the mountain in a meditative mood, as if he apprehended the danger into which he was about to rush, and when the charge was made, he went into it with undaunted courage.

Burial: Grafton National Cemetery, Grafton, Taylor County, West Virginia.

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