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William P Hiserodt

William P Hiserodt.

Birth: Mar. 20, 1840.
Death: Sep. 25, 1894.

Wife: Charity Smith Hiserodt (1841 - 1903).

Children: Samuel Smith Hiserodt (1867 - 1938), William Albert Hiserodt (1869 - 1958).

Burial: Jackson Township Cemetery, Owasa, Hardin County, Iowa.

Iowa Thirty-Second Infantry, Co. A., Regimental History.

William. P. Hiserodt, promoted Sergeant, thrice wounded and captured at Pleasant Hill, escaped and ached our army at Vicksburg; furloughed himself, and came to Iowa with Captain Ackerman; returned and served through the entire Missouri. Nashville and Gulf campaigns; was discharged for disability at Montgomery. July 17. 1865.

Comrade Hiserodt was a man of rare bravery and resources; of great endurance; and would put down the rebellion if it took the last ham. chicken, or horse in the Confederacy. Illustrative of this it is told of him that in Montgomery after Bragg's force was disbanded there, "Bill" was in a saloon, and heard a rebel Major raving about the results of the surrender and his embarrassment at being compelled to go home without ever being whipped, etc., etc.

"Bill" finally told him to square himself and he should have something that he could talk about to his folks at home; and proceeded at once to administer to the boastful and hitherto unwhipped rebel a most thorough and severe beating in the most approved knock down style. After he returned to his home near Robertson he engaged in farming and raising live stock; was elected Justice of the Peace; was a member of the Board of Supervisors; took an active part in the prosecution of outlaws in chat region: and died there in 1894.

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