Thursday, February 11, 2016

Army & Civilian Appointments in the U. S. Army.

Some times its hard to find a serviceman in the volunteer army let alone one in the regular army.
So I made this list of men who took appointments in the U. S. Army.  The years cover are the Rebellion years.  The names here have no information, but I do have all their military records.

If you  see or don't see a name on the list and you would like their record you can write me.
My address can be found in my profile.

1. Lemuel A. Abbott.
2. Frank T. Adams.
3. Gerritt V. S. Aikin.
4. Bishop Aldrich.
5. Andrew J. Alexander.
6. Albert V. Amet.
7. Thomas M. Anderson.
8. William H. Andrew.
9. Wilbur F. Arnold.
10. Edwin B. Atwood.
11. John B. Babcock.
12. Francis M. Bache.
13. Thomas C. J. Bailey.
14. William P.  Bainbridge.
15. Edward B. Baker.
16. Thomas F. Quinn
17. Zacharian Ragan.
18. Frank R. Rice.
19. Richard K. Pond.
20. George S. Pierce.
21. Samuel Peeples.
22. Augustus C. Paul.
23. Ely S. Parker.
24. Philip A. Owen.

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