Friday, August 22, 2008

Echo Cliff Park--Dover Kansas

Although this site is about surnames it’s also about history, so I’m going to talk a little about a place I found about 50, years ago it’s called Echo Cliff Park, it’s located about two miles south west of Dover Kansas. Now Dover is a little historic town about 14, miles south west of Topeka, Kansas on K4, highway or you can take 57th., street both will meet in the center of Dover. I could talk about the historic Sage Inn and other places of Dover but you can find all about them by doing a web search, this is about Echo Cliff Park.

The best time to visit the park is in the mid fall at the time the leaves are changing their colors, but any time is a good time to visit the park. There is no camping at this park as it closes at 10 p. m., but you could try fishing in the Mission creek which runs through it the best time for fishing is after a hard rain when the water is running unless you like crawdads. But the park is not about camping or fishing but about being with ones family to have a picnic and enjoy the fresh air. When my friends or family would go there we would have the park all to are self’s, but that may have changed, as the Dover community has been working on the park as you will see when do a web search. The park is well kept up and the grass is always kept cut.

The park is small, as Mission Creek in circle it, but none the lest if you like peace and quiet and the beauty of nature, then this park is the place to come. After leaving the park you may want to visit the old Osage school house No. 8 or No. 9, that stands in a field south of the park go left and over the bridge after leaving the park it’ a few miles after crossing the Shawnee and Osage county line, but take note it’s been over 30, years the last time I saw it, so it may not still be standing.

I hope the following pictures will inspire you to come and visit this little park.

Note. If you push on a picture you will get a full screen view, the school house will not enlarge.

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