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They Were Hung?--Civil War.

All these man were under the sentence to be hung or were hung. These men were of the Union and Confederate Army’s, and civilians. I have just listed the names as some of the information is very long, you may see a name more thing once this could not be helped, but that will tell you there may be a lot of information on that name? Some family’s will not like the idea of a family member being hung, but you have to remember this was war and you should be proud that he give his life in what he believed in, no matter what side he was on. Like I said there will be some information on all these men, so if you see a name and would like more information, you can request it by writing to me at the following: dsegelquist1@cox.net

1. George P. Simms, no county or State given, captured at Ruggles' Mills, Ky., April 19, 1863, a 'spy ", sentenced to be hung May 29, 1863,

2. William S. Burgess, no county or State given, captured at Ruggles' Mills, Ky., April 20, 1863, a 'spy", sentenced to be hung May 29, 1863.

3. John Marr, alias Perkins alias Hawkins, captured at Paris, Ky., April 5, 1863, a 'spy", sentenced to be hung May 29, 1863.

4. Thomas M. Campbell, no country or State given, captured at Ruggles' Mills, Ky., April 11, 1863.

5. H. P. Esteph, private, Fourteenth Kentucky, Company H, no place or date of capture given, a 'spy", sentenced to be hung.

6. George L. Prouty, member of Company L, Fifty Michigan Cavalry, hung November 1864.

7. Private Samuel Jones, of Company B, Fifth Ohio Regiment, He was hung on Tuesday,
January 12, 1864.

8. Private Daniel Bright, of Company L, Sixty-second Georgia Regiment, hung December 18, 1863.

9. Harrison Self, December 1861.

10. Mr. Spires, an aged man, over seventy years, one of the oldest citizens of Shelby County (adjoining the county of which Palmyra is the shire-town), was taken from his house and hung, and his body mutilated. Note, no other info.

11. Dr. Aylward, the prominent Union man of that locality, and hung him, with a halter made of hickory bark, until he was dead, was of the town of Canton, in Lewis County. Note, no other info.

12. Frank B. Gurley, alias Captain Frank B. Gurley, December 1863.

13. James R. Mallory, alias Captain James R. Mallory, February 1864.

14. Thomas W. Elliott, alias Private Thomas W. Elliott, January 1864.
Note. Number 73, isthe same man.

New- January 23, 2010.

Mr. F. M. Elliott, of South Carolina give this new info on his Grate-Grate Grandfather.

My great- great Grandfather John Francis Abraham Elliott was a Methodist Preacher in the Darlington District of South Carolina. He entered the war with 2 of his sons. One son, Thomas Wayne Elliott was killed in the battle of Atlanta. I may have a date of birth and date of death but that’s about all we have on him. We always assumed that he was shot in battle. This is interesting to learn of his possible hanging. His father Captain J. F. A. Elliott also died during the war from illness on Morris Island SC. I have a good amount of info on him but the info on Thomas was he had been short.

Error--I apologize for the confusion. Thomas wasn't actually Killed in action, he married and moved west after the civil war. His brother Dargan Pinkney Elliott was the one that was killed in the battle of Atlanta.

15. February 1864, Daniel Bright, burnt affiant's house and all it contained, stables, crop, and nearly everything on the premises, he was of the county of Pasquotank.
Note, no other info.

16. Charles H. Clifford, November 1862.

17. James A. Stoker, September 1862.

18. G. St. Leger Grenfel, sentence is hereby commuted to imprisonment for life, at hard labor, at the Dry Tortugas Fla., or such other place as the Secretary of War may designate.

19. S. B. Davis, alias Willough by Cummings, February 1865.

2o. Harrison H. Dodd, citizen of Indiana, September 1864.

22. Sergt. John R. Lyle, is sentenced by court-martial at Browling Green, Ky., to be hung as a spy on Friday, the 27th of May, on Johnson's Island, near Sandusky, Ohio.

23. Private John W. Irwin, Company A, Ninth Virginia Cavalry.

24. William B. Mumford.

25. Price Lewis, April 1862.

26. John Sully, April 1862.

27. Private Daniel Bright, of Company L, of my Sixty-second Georgia Regiment; hung him to a beam in a house; body remained suspended forty hours, note, no other info.

28. Charles H. Harris, of New Orleans, La., 1863.

29. Private Jefferson Severns, of Company H, Sixth Missouri State Militia Cavalry, December 1863.

30. William Campbell, private, Company K, Second Ohio Regiment, June 1862.

31. Private Martin Ross, Second Ohio Infantry, June 1862.

32. Perry G. Shadrick, Second Ohio Infantry, June 1862.

33. George D. Wilson, Second Ohio Infantry, June 1862.

34. John Scott, Twenty-first Ohio Infantry, June 1862.

35. Samuel Robinson, Thirty-third Ohio Infantry, June 1862.

36. Samuel Slavens, Thirty-third Ohio Infantry, June 1862.

37. James Wood, said his son-in-law was John H. Paster, June 1864.

38. Robert C. Kennedy, 1865.

39. T. E. Hogg, 1865.

40. E. A. Swain, 1865.

41. John S. Hiddle, 1865.

42. W. L. Black, 1865.

43. T. J. Grady, 1865.

44. R. B. Lyon, 1865.

45. Joseph Higgin, 1865.

46. Lieutenant Mosely, on the 30th of September, 1864.

47. Captain J. F. Fraley, Fourth Tennessee Cavalry, in May, 1864.

48. Private Lee Cathey, Forty-first Tennessee, in June, 1864.

49. Private William Lemmon, Seventeenth Mississippi, in June, 1864.

50. Private Jesse Nearing, Thirty-second Tennessee, in June, 1864.

51. Private Robert T. Grossett, Forty-second Tennessee, on the 8th of July, 1864.

52. S. H. Anderson, a citizen prisoner in confinement at Fort Wyman, Mo., March 1865.

53. John Y. Beall, March 1865.

54. Samuel P. [B.] Hearn, August 1864, citizen.

55. Braxton Lyon, August 1864, citizen.

56. William H. Rogers, [Rodgers], August 1864, citizen.

57. John R. H. Embert, August 1864, citizen.

58. John C. Nicholl, Second Kentucky, was hung at Johnson's Island, September 2, 1864

59. David M. Wright, of Norfolk, physician, October 1863.

60. Captain R. W. Baylor, held at Fort McHenry, August 1863.

61. Second Lieutenant Charles Lewis, U. S. cavalry, February 1863.

62. William B. Compton, June 1863.

63. William B. Mumford, of New Orleans.

64. A. C. Haun, December 10, 1861.

65. John E. Boyd, January 13, 1865

66. William A. Bowles, citizens of the State of Indiana, 1865.

67. Lambdin P. Miligan, citizen of the State of Indiana, 1865.

68. Stephen Horsey, citizens of the State of Indiana, 1865.

69. George W. Mumford [William B. Mumford], 1862.

70. Frank B. Gurley, 1865.

71. Frank B. Gurley, alias Captain Frank B. Gurley, 1865.

72. James R. Mallory, alias Captain James R. Mallory, 1865.

73. Thomas W. Elliott, alias Private Thomas W. Elliott, 1865.

74. John Y. Beall, 1865.

75. Dr. David Minton Wright.

76. Matthew Thompson, a citizen of Boone County, Mo.,

77. David E. Herold, 1865.

78. Charles H. Burch, 1863.

79. Harrison Swlf, 1862.

80. John R. Lyle, 1863.

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