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The Blacksmith, The Working Man.

When I hear the word Blacksmith, the picture that comes to my mind was the blacksmith we always seen on TV, or in the movies. But this is far from the truth, oh, there were Blacksmiths like we all seen in the movies, but there were other jobs that called for the blacksmith, such as the Iron factories, Ship building and Railroading, these all called for a blacksmith and there were other jobs that called for a blacksmith as well. Iron and fire is what the blacksmith worked with, it was a hard and dirty job for little pay most of the time. The job of the blacksmith could be dangerous as he worked with fire, his shop could burn down or the factory could blow up, and especially in the time of war.

This page will have two parts the first part is the blacksmith in the time of war.
The second part will be the Blacksmiths of the United States. This part will be a list of blacksmiths, but there will be no information on these names.

I know some will say why would I look at a bunch of names? Will this part is for those of you who had ancestors that were blacksmiths. Although you all may want to look over this list you may find out one of your ancestor was a blacksmith and never know it. Not only will this list give you a name but a year and a towns name. One list covers a town in Connecticut, it’s time line is from 1828-1875, these lists could be helpful to you, for you will have his name town State and a time line. You never know you may find out about a ancestor who was at a place you never know about, and give you a new place to look for more information on that ancestor.

Civil War.

Note. The monthly pay of the enlisted men of the Army of the Confederate States shall be as follows: Blacksmiths, $13, per month.

Vermilionsville, December 16, 1863.

Romulus McBride, a citizen of this village. I believe he is a blacksmith. This man never has belonged to the Confederate Army. He was conscripted but discharged for disability. His wife is distressed to a degree that she has become an invalid. I hope you will, if possible, have this man released.

S. Gosnell. - Says he was born in Maryland. Is a blacksmith. Came to Virginia twelve years ago. Worked in Petersburg and Richmond. For five years past has carried on his business in Fairfax County near Accotink. Was arrested by a party of [the] South Carolina Legion. Says he is true to the South, rather agianst secession, but goes with Virginia. Has had no communication with the enemy. Willing to take the oath of allegiance. Has lost the sight of one eye. Mr. Clemens testifies Gosnell worked in Richmond five or six years ago. Was a good, quiet man of good behavoir, but not a good workman. Has seen him work in Baltimore. He is proved by J. Weller to be a Baltimorean, but has been absent from that place ten or twelve years. No charge.

Note. Many prisoners were put to work as Blacksmiths, such as those at Camp Douglas ILL., where they had 20, prisoners working as Blacksmiths at 10 cents a day.

Prison at Salisbury, N. C.

At the military prison at Salisbury, N. C., it is stated that the Yankee deserters (who work cheerfully) and the convicts are a large number of skillful mechanics, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, carpenters, shoemakers, joiners, harness makers, and tailors. Under a good system, with a supply of tools and materials (which are wanting), the establishment could be made not only self-sustaining, but of considerable value to the Government. I recommend that a quartermaster be assigned to the prison and charged with the procurement of these things. At present the workshops are of little use.

Note. It was hard to get and keep Blacksmiths, both Army’s were always asking the Quarter-masters Department for Blacksmith.

Gosport, Va., October 26, 1861.
Major-General HUGER, Commanding Forces, Norfolk.

SIR: I herewith send you the names of some of the men desiring to leave this place for the North, and who have been employed in this yard since April 21, 1861, with rates of pay, &c., and respectfully recommend that they be prohibited from leaving by the next flag of truce: William Coleman, blacksmith, $2. 50.

Armstead Magaha. - Born in Loundoun County, Va. Lives a mile and a half from Lovettsville, between that and the river. Says he carries on a blacksmith shop at Berlin, in Maryland. Has done so for five years. Rents the shop from year to year. His lease expired last Christmas. Before the bridge was burned at Berlin he crossed every day. Says after the bridge was burned he boarded in Berlin and crossed frequently until the enemy's pickets were placed on the river. Says since the 1st of July he never crossed until the night he was taken. Says he got a skiff and evaded pickets. Afterward he said on the night he was taken was permitted by the captain in command of the pickets to cross in company with Rouse, Smith and Slater. They got a skiff and crossed. They promised the captain to return that night. Says they had nothing to do with the gondola boat. Were going to their skiff when arrested. Says he had bout $2,000 due him for work on the Maryland side of the river and his object in remaining there was to secure it. I submit the report of General Hill and the affidavits of S. Price and S. Crumbaker. I recommend this man to be held as a prisoner.

Number 4. Reports of Major General John. G. Parke, u. S. Army, commanding NINTH Army Corps. HEADQUARTERS NINTH ARMY CORPS, July 15, 1863

GENERAL: A man has just come into our lines from the rear, named A. Leroy Carter, representing himself to be of the THIRD Iowa Infantry, and Just escaped from Jackson Cavalry. This man states that he has been a prisoner since January 4, and detained because he was caught plundering. He has since been kept under guard, and attached to the blacksmith of farrier's department for Jackson's DIVISION. He says his regiment is in Lauman's DIVISION, and recognized some of his old friends prisoners in Jackson's DIVISIONS of cavalry left Jackson last night, crossed the river, went up the opposite bank about 14 miles, and recrossed on a trestle-bridge about 4 miles above Grant's Ferry. During their halt he escaped and rode into our lines. He says Jackson is headed this way, and the idea among the men was that he would attack our rear., so that they could make a sortie simultaneously on our front. Certainly a bold scheme. I have had one or two reports from the front this morning that the enemy's force was increasing. Would it not be well to let Bussey and the brigade hunt this party up?

Richmond National Cemetery
DRANDOF, Alb't BLACKSMITH OCT. 10, 1863, CO. A. 4th, N. Y. CAV. 3A 351.

From the Richmond Whig, 4/28/1863, p. 2, c. 1.

DEATH OF GILBERT HUNT. – Gilbert Hunt, an aged negro, who for a period of more than a half a century pursued the calling of a blacksmith, in this city, died on Sunday last in the 88th year of his age. At the burning of the Penitentiary, when Gilbert was a young man, he was instrumental in saving the lives of a number of prisoners. He also acted a part at the burning of the Richmond Theatre, on the memorable night of December 26th, 1811, which further attested to his intrepidity and philanthropy. The author of “Richmond in By Gone Days” gives a full account of the services rendered by him during the progress of that dreadful calamity. – He states that Dr. J. D. McCaw, who was in the Theatre, when the fire occurred, lowered down from one of the windows of the burning building, some ten or twelve ladies, who were dropped one after another into Gilbert’s brawny arms, and conveyed by others to a place of safety.
The funeral of deceased took place yesterday afternoon, from the “African Church,” and was attended by a very large number of the colored population.

From the Richmond Enquirer, 5/15/1861, p. 1, c. 3.

Destructive Fire.

A fire broke out yesterday in the large Wholesale Grocery and Commission House of Bridgford & Company, corner of 20th and Cary streets, which resulted in the speedy destruction of that building, and also the adjoining Wholesale Grocery and Ship Chandlery establishment of James H. Beegleston.

Mr. E. Bossieux’s stable and blacksmith shop adjoining Mr. Beegleston’s warehouse, was also destroyed, by the walls of the warehouse falling in upon, crushing it down and setting fire to the ruins. Mr. Bossieux loses one or two thousand dollars by the destruction of his property.

R. L. Saunders

From the Richmond Whig, 3/28/1864, p. 1, c. 2

ROBBING A GRAVE YARD. - The Assistant Keeper of the Hollywood Cemetery, yesterday morning, about 12 o’clock, detected a man named R. L. Saunders in the act of breaking off and stealing the locks from the enclosures in the cemetery. He had broken off and pocketed eight locks, mostly brass, when discovered, and was in the act of wrenching off another. He was operating with a long screw driver. When arrested, he said he was getting the brass to make cannon. - Saunders is a well but not favorably known blacksmith, who for many years had a shop on 2d street, between Clay and Leigh streets. He has been once tried for stealing and once for forgery, and in the latter case escaped conviction by adroitly slipping the forged paper into his mouth and swallowing it whilst his trial was going on. It was, no doubt, his intention to fix those locks and sell them. He is believed to have been engaged in stealing locks from the cemetery for some time past, as great numbers have been missed from the different enclosures.

From the Richmond Whig, 3/29/1864, p. 1, c. 2.

THE CEMETERY THIEF. - R. L. SAUNDERS, the blacksmith mentioned yesterday as having been arrested in the act of stealing locks from the vaults and enclosures in Hollywood Cemetery on Sunday morning, was brought before the Mayor yesterday, but the principal witness neglecting to appear, Saunders was committed to jail for future examination.

Blacksmiths of the United States.

Note. The States will not be in alphabetical order, but the Surnames will be.

Newark, New Jersey, 1840-1841.

Collins James, Collye Joseph, Compton John, Cook David B., Cook Jacob, Coughlin Daniel, Coughlin John

Hall Charles P., Hand Robert, Harris Samuel D., Haskell Jacob, Hays Stephen

Meeker Jonathan jr., Miller James H., Miller Jonathan, Miller Joseph, Sip William, Smith David, Smith William, Southard Samuel R.


Paterson, New Jersey, 1859.

Kahoe John, Kain Thomas, Kearney Frank, Kelly Albert P., Koch Jacob, Kohn Frederick, Koyer William.

McBride Francis H., McClory Francis, McCormick Samuel, McDonald James, McElborough John, McElroy Patrick, McGeough James, McGill Barnet, McGill Barney, McLory Francis, McNurtney Patrick.

Rafferty James, Redman John, Reid Robert, Richter Peter, Row John, Ruffing Jacob.


Boston, Massachusetts, 1800.

Dakin Thomas, Dewhurst Henry, Dickinson Daniel, Dilow Jacob, Dorothy John, Dorr Timothy, Dow Samuel.


Allentown Pennsylvania, 1899

Beidelman Daniel F., Beidler Silas, Bierer John, Brucker John, Detwailer Charles, Engleman Renben, Fried George, Kesller Andreas, Kline B. W., Long Harry, Nagle Alfred, Reppert W. C., Schadt Henry D., Schadt John J., Trexler Franklin.


Hartford Connecticut, 1828.

Bidwell Oliver, Belden Ralph, Bradley Joseph, Barnard George,

Cox Peter, Couch Luther.

Eddy Philip, Ensign Ralph, Elton William, Ensign Thomas,

Gilbert Isaac.

Hurlbert Giles, Haughton Hiram R., Hubbard John O., Hubbard Abraham,

Newton Rejoice, Norton Narvey, Newton Abner.

Shepherd Richard, Sloan Thomas.

William Henry, Whipple William J.


Allen John, Alling George W., Barritt Wm., Boardman Lemuel H., Bracken James, Broderick Wm., Bull George A..

Carberry Michael, Carbing Michael, Clancy Thomas, Cole William W., Curley Keran.

Dart Theodore G., Dart Theodore S., Dee John, Dorman Waldo, Doyle Thomas, Drake Patrick, Duffey Bernard, Duffey Edward, Dupont Edward, Durfee George.

Eno Homer.

Fitzgerald Henry, Furlong W..

Garrity Edward, Goodrich John, Goodrich John.

Hammond Lewis, Hanscom Joseph G., Hayden Everett S., Hayes Henry, Hemings Richard, Hennessy Jeremiah, Hennessy Michael, Hills Albert, Howard Cornelius, Hubbard John Hubbard William, Huntington A. C.

Jackson James, Jackson J. R., Jacock Leander H., Jorey Joseph.

Keeney Reed, Kerwin James, Kinnahan John.

Lagan Beriyard, Loveland Charles.

Martin Wm., Miner L. C..

McCarty John, McClellan James, McElroy Joseph.

Neff Henry.

Ott Andrew.

Phelps S. G., Pierce Hiram, Platt Levi, Pollard James, Purcell Timothy.

Reed Wm W., Reichel Ernst, Russell Benjamin, Ryan John, Ryan Philip.

Scandall Anthony, Sceerey Michael, Sear William, Sheard Edwin, Sheedy Thomas, Sheldon Horace, Smith William, Starks George A., Sullivan William.

Wetherell John, Wilcox Wm., Wiles Jonathan.


Black Martin.

Coggshall D. D., Creeden Patrick.

Dean Dow, Duffy John.

Evarts Reuben.

Grimes William H..

Haley Jeremiah.

Keeney & Lewis, Keney & Jay Cox, Kinghorn Henry.

Lagan Bernard.

Mulhall James.

Ott Andrew.

Pearl Samuel, Patt Levi.

Quinn William.


Allen George, Ashley John L., Ayres John.

Babcock Charles, Barlow Joseph F., Black Martin, Bland John R., Burke Patrick, Burnham John T., Bushell Russell H..

Cady Cornelius C., Callender Royal E., Campion Daniel, Carney William, Carrigan Louis, Case George A., Cashan Michael, Cavenaugh Thomas, Chalmers William, Champage Henry, Chapman Birge, Charlton Thomas, Coffee Edward, Coggshall F. D., Coles Lewis J., Condron James, Conner John, Coogan John, Costello John, oughlin John, Creeden Patrick, Cunningham John.

Donnell Patrick, Doran Michael, Dorman George, Dorman W. A., Doyle James E., Duane John, Duffy John, Dunn Patrick, Dupaul Frederick, Durfee George.

Egan Keron Jr., Eno Homer, Evarts Reuben.

Fish Clark D., Fisher Augustus G. Flannegan William, Flynn Michael, Forestall William, Friar Winfield.

Gaffey John, Galbraith James G., Gardner Moses, Grimes W. H., Guinen John, Gunning John.

Haley Jeremaah, Haley Pierce, Hamilton Thomas, Hammond Louis, Hanselling Phillip, Hayes Henry, Hayes John, Hern James, Herrick Edgar E., Hicks Hiram G., Hiner John, Holden Barney W., Hubbard Charles, Hussey William.

Jackson James, Jackson J. R., Jones Thomas.

Keating Charles, Keefe John, Kelly Edward, Kelley Martin, Killian James, Killian Martin.

Lagan B., Langdon George, Lawrence James, Leek John D., Lewis David, Locke Thomas, Looney Daniel, Luther Adolph, Lycett George.

Mabes John, Magill John, Mannix James, McCaffery James, Mcder Mott Jr., Moran James, Mulcahy Timothy, Mulhall James, Muhall Patrick, Mullen Lawrence, Mulry Patrick, Munsing John.

Newton Charles, Noonan James F.

Osmond John, Osmond John, Osmond William, Ott Andreas, Ott George.

Pearl Samuel, Pease Ernest M., Peoples W. Frank, Pierce Albert T., Porter Jerry, Preu Paul, Puller James.

Quinn John H.

Roach James, Rooney Michael J., Rourke James.

Schaubel George D., Sheldon Horace, Sherman Frank, Smart Ezra, Smith Cornelius J., Smith Curits, Smith William, Stapleton Patrick, Sullivan Cornelius J., Sullivan John.

Ticknor William, Toomey Richard, Trask Lucius C., Tuner William.

Watson Richard J., Watson William, Wilcox Walter S.


Wilmington, Delaware, 1889.

Begg Alexander, Biscoe Robert B., Brown Robert, Bullock William, Burns Lawrence.

Culbert Nathaniel B.

David Joseph H.

Early Thomas J., Elliott John T.

Hickman Frank P., Holdman Frederick.

Kyle Matthew.

Lightcap Harry R.

Mahaffy W. G., Moulton Samuel C.

Robinson Richard.

Tomlinson & Son, Toner James, Toner Patrick, Toner Wm.


Brunswick, Georgia, 1890.

Note. A lot of these man worked in the B. & W. Railroad Shops.

Adams G. F., Anderson Alex.
Blake Wm.

Christopher Robert, Croll John.

Driver C. H., Dupree J. U.

Garvin Walter, Godfrey W. J.

Hayes A. W.

McCloud George, McCloud J. H., McHale Walter.

Shreve Frank.

Watson A. H.


Topeka, Kansas, 1874 & 1875.

Arthur Napolen B.
Borert John
Bosworth Charles
Bowen David
Burge Edward ( Color )
Doty John.

Chicago Illinois, 1844.

Anderson, W. H. blacksmith at J. Taylor's, residence same.
Anderson, Wm. blacksmith at Perkins & Fenton's.
Brady, Michael blacksmith N.. Water Street, near Clark Street, residence corner of Lasalle and Welis Streets.
Brown, Samuel blacksmith and boarding house 142 Lake Street.
Busch, John B. blacksmith corner of Randolph and Market Streets, residence Randolph between Wells and Franklin Streets.
Caspar, W. G. blacksmith Lasalle Street, residence Wells Street between Washington and Madison Streets
Coe, John S. blacksmith at Pierce's, Lake Street between Water and Canal
Coughlin, Bryan blacksmith residence Randolph Street between Franklin and Madison
Cowan, George W. blacksmith Randolph Street between Clark and Lasalle Streets
Darling, Wm. blacksmith at Wm. B. Stevens'
Fairbourn, Henry blacksmith at Pierce's
Fetter, John blacksmith at I. Taylor's
Grenil, george blacksmith at Humphrey's
Grul, George blacksmith Lasalle Street, house Randolph Street between Lasalle and Wells Street Harman, William blacksmith North Water Street, residence same
Hass, Louis blacksmith at J. Busch's
Jeffreys & Bentley, blacksmiths West Water between Randolph and Lake Streets
Jennerson, Oliver blacksmith house Illinois between Clark and Lasalle
Keating, Owen blacksmith residence C. McDonnell's
Kelley, John blacksmith North Water Street between Wolcott & Kinzie Streets
Loux, Peter blacksmith house Dutch Settlement
Mizner, Henry blacksmith at hydraulic works, house Franklins Street
O'Brien, Michael blacksmith South Water Street
Patrie, Philip blacksmith house Dutch Settlement
Patrie, Phillip blacksmith at I. Taylor's, house Dearborn Street 6th ward
Ritchie, Alexander blacksmith at Pierce's
Roder, John blacksmith at Humphrey's
Ross, Geo. blacksmith at Wm. Otis Snell's
Schular, Mathias blacksmith at L. Taylor's
Serry, Edward P. blacksmith at Snell's, house Kinzie Street between Cass and Rush
Steth, Joseph blacksmith at I. Taylor's, residence same
Stevens, William B. blacksmith Randolph Street near Clark Street, house same
Taylor, Ithream blacksmith Randolph Street, house Wells Street between Lake and Randolph Streets
Wilson, Adam, jr. blacksmith on S. Branch, 3d ward S. Jackson Street

Chicago Illinois, 1855-1856.

Blacksmiths Business.

Baragwanath William, Brown Ole Hubbard, Buckman A.
Carlin P., Clark J. & son., Cornelius J., Corrigan M.
Doehla H. Randolph.
Gowery & Boomer.
Haas L. Washington
McEwen James, McSweeney T.
Morton C. Fulton.
O’Brien M.
Prange L.
Quigley P.
Ryan D. Kinzie
Stoddard F.

Blacksmiths, Residential Names.

Allen William, Anderson Hoatio, Anderson Lewis, Apel Peter.

Bearren Henry, Beltlar Peter, Beles Peter, Bennett Thomas, Bichl Nicholas, Bose Michael, Born Mathias, Botsch Peter, Boyne Thomas, Byrne Edward.

Cahill J., Carr John, Carroll John, Casson John, Coe Peter, Colling John, Collins Edmund, Collins Peter, Cooney Patrick, Cosgrove John, Coyle Peter, Crect James, Coronin Patrick.

David Andrew, Dean John, Doehla Henry, Drysdale Andrew, Dungy William.

Edward John, Elliott John, Erickson Andrew, Erickson Jacob.

Fallon Patrick, Fitz John, Flaherty John, Flanagan Timothy, Foley Patrick, Francks John, Frankman William, Fritz Peter, Funk Peter, Fyfe James.

Gaskill George, Gienther Gotlieb, Gigler Henry, Glindon Michael, Gownlock James, Gray James, Green John.

Hancock James S., Handell Edward, Happ John, Hass Louis, Heintz Nicholas, Hennessy Pa, Herman Frederick, Hess Conrad, Heuhl John, Hewey John, Hewey Robert, Hickey Maurice, Hoas Christopher, Hodes Frederick, Hoffert John, Hoffman M., Huber L., Huey Robert, Homire Harmon, Hopkins W., Horn George, Hunt William.

Irvin David W., Iverson Ole.

Jackson Henry.

Kencke William, Kibler Fred., Killinger George, Kinney Patrick, Koerper Caper, Kolling John, Koplin August, Kosta John, Koufman John.

Lambert Robert, Lans James, Leopold Melzer, Lindon Michael, Lott Gottfried, Luders Charles.

McCarty James, McEwen James, McSweenay Thomas.

Mahon David, Marshall William, Martin Matthew, Marx William, Meltz Frederick, Metz Frederick, Metz Simon, Meyer Charles, Meyer Nicholas, Miller John, Miller Lewis, Mooney Michael, Moran Martin, Morgan Nathaniel, Morris Robert, Muelbers Peter, Mullen Thomas, Muller Jacob, Murphy, Daniel, Murphy Patrick.

Nabrath C., Needham P., Nelson J., Nelson Niels, Nevin John, Nieson James, Noa Lewis, Norton C. O.

O’Conell Thomas, O’Connor Jeremiah.

Offenlock Paul,

Ohlbry Peter.

Packe Arnold, Palmer Elijah, Palmer John, Patten James, Paulus Peter, Peterlaiden Joseph, Pfister Z., Pierce Michael, Pittard Vile, Poetice Henry, Prange L.

Quigley Patrick.

Reddish John, Redmond James, Reichel John, Richards Robert D., Roder John, Rooney Daniel, Ryan Dennis.

St. Malo Leon, Sandberg John, Schall John, Schmidt Charles, Schmidt Henry, Achmitt Nicholas, Schommer Peter, Schrader Charles, Schroeder August, Schue Matthew, Shay John, Shooks G., Shuster George, Simon Matthew, Slater Richard, Smith Charles, Smith Patrick, Sperry Charles, Standerson Thomas S., Stem Frank, Stewart David, Stewart Shaw, Stewart William, Straid John, Sullivan Jas., Sullivan Owen, Svan Olson.

Tamburg Emile, Tarney John, Tear John, Tein Nicolas, Thomas David, Trainer John, Trecher John, Tremper Paul, Turley John.

Wagner Henry, Wallace James, Wallace James, Wallace Martin, Wallace Richard, Walz John, Ward Patrick, Warner S. P., Wehonoper C., Welch Thomas, Whalen John, Wildman Daniel, Wilson Wm.

Yanen Matz.

Peoria Illinois, 1883-1884.

Ask Frank D.

Becker Adolph. Becker Philip, Boor Michael, Boyd Thomas H., Broennocke Phillip.

Cashin David W., Collins James B., Corcoran Martin J., Crawl Robert.

Degel Erdman, Devries Walter.

Eichhorn John P., Slger George H., Engelke Theodore, Erickson August.

Fitzpatrick Patrick B., Fortune Michael.

Giese Daniel, Gilmore Joseph C., Goldstein Louis J., Goller Frederick.

Hacker Rudolph, Hall Henry, Hall William H., Haller Jacob F., Hanahan John, Heller J. Frederick, Hetz Joseph, Hounihan John J., Humphries Henry, Hupe William.

Jaeckel Fred. H.

Kallburg N. P., Kaps Alvis F., Kennedy John, Kennedy William, Knoll August, Krueger August.

Leighton Andrew J., Leiten Julius, Leuthner Julius, Lindroth Albert L., Lucas Emil E., Lonn Henry, Lynch Patrick.

Mahoney Richard, Maibach Gottlieb, Malony William, Mannix Thomas, Marek Mathias, Marther Valentine, Martin James F.

McAvoy James, McAvoy John, McBeide William H., McCormick Charles, McEvoy John W., McGuire Daniel, McKenzie David, McMasters John C.

Meals Daniel B., Meinhard Meinhard S., Meyer Albert, Meyer Bernard H., Meyer Frank, Meyer Jacob, Miller Frank, Miller George C. C., Miller Louis, Missen William D., Mohr George.

Never Carl A.

O’Connor Thomas, O’Neill Joseph.

Ohlemiller John, Oltmanns Herman.

Peitseh Gustav A., Pohler Henry.

Radespiel Frederick, Reyer Edward, Richmond William.

Schell Julius, Schleigh John L., Schweinbold Adolph, Sharp Edward, Shaughnessy Thomas, Shirley Ephraim, Shoaff Henry A., Stocksieck Herman, Strickland Sol. F., Stringer Norman D., Sullivan Michael, Swanson Swan.

Tighe Thomas, Topping William H.

Virger Albert, Voelker Louis Jr.

Webber Emil, Weertz Gerd A., Wellbrock Clavs, Whalen James, Whalen William, Wheal Samuel, William John, Williams Mimke G., Wright Andrew.

Yaeger Frederick.

Note. The following will be a list of City Directories for look ups as there are to many names to put here. If you see a name of a city and in the year you believe your ancestor was there, let me know and I well look it up, and of course all my search’s are ( Free. )
My address can be found in my profile.

Other City Directories.


Des Moines-1897.


Boston-1800 & 1860.


Detroit-1887 & 1893-1894.


Kansas City Mo.-1859-1860.

St Louis Mo.-1821.

New York.

New York, New York-1859.



Rhode Island.

North Providence-1877.

South Carolina.





West Virginia.




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