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The Many Names Of Applegate.

I pick the name of Applegate, be cause I like the sound of it, and found some the information interesting, those of you who are looking into the name will find this page interesting and helpful. Be sure to read my notes, as they will help you understand what’s going on. Although there may not be a lot of information on these names, it's my job as a surnames researcher to give you as many leads as I can to help you find your ancestor, and give you new ideas on where to look for more information, that you may not have thought of before.

Note. If you don’t see a ancestor here, or have a question you can write to me and I will help all I can, all my searchers are ( Free. ) You can find my address in my profile or on one of the many pages at this site.

Note. This information comes from the many Departments of the Library of Congress.

Northern Part of the Western Land District of Missouri, South of the Old Indian Boundary Line.

Here is a address that will show you a map made about ( 1836? ) on it, it show the name of Applegate many times. Although there are no first names the map may be helpful in that it will let you know where some of their land was located.

In 1813, James Applegate of Ohio, was made Captain of the 27th, regiment of infantry, on May 20, 1813.

In 1854, Charles B. Applegate, had been inspector of the revenue for the port of New Albany, in the State of Indiana, but was removed and was now being nominate again.

In 1863, Joseph W. Applegate, of Indiana, was given a appointment, as assistant surgeon in the Volunteer service of the United States.

In 1866, Daniel W. Applegate, of the First Oregon Volunteers, to be second lieutenant, February 23, 1866

In 1870, Elisha L. Applegate, of Oregon, had been surveyor-general of the United States for the State of Oregon. But his term now over was being nominated again, and was re-nominated in September 30, 1850.

In 1874, E. F. Applegate, was nominated postmaster at Freehold, in the county of Monmouth and State of New Jersey.


Report of the opinions of the recorder of land titles for the territory of Missouri, 1818.

Richard Applegate, 640 acres at Joachim in the county of St. Charles, Mo., had possession and cultivated from 1801-1806, 640 acres granted.

Grants extended by the act of Congress of March 3, 1813.

Commissioners No. 910 for 100 arpens or 640 acres to Thomas Applegate in Joachim county of St. Charles, Mo.

Civil War.

Note. This information comes from the official recorders of the Union and Confederate Armies which is housed at the State University of Ohio.

List of persons who put in representative recruits, and names of recruits.


District Name of Name of recruit Date of principal enlistment.
Fourth Younglove, William Hills, George Applegate July 18, 1864.

In 1865, First Lieutenant Harvey Applegate, was being held in the guard-house in Shreveport, with other men for attempting to escape.

Feb. 21, 1865, First Oregon Infantry therein named (now Applegate's) will, when mustered into the service of the United States, repair to Fort Vancouver.

Feb. 26, 1863, from a repot: Apost near the Klamath Lakes, Oreg.

Jess Applegate, esq., writes me that the best position for the post will be on the western bank of the Klamath River, as near to where it empties into the Lower Klamath Lake as a suitable site can be had. This would be about seventy miles eastsoutheast from Jacksonville.

In 1863 & 64, Captain E. R. Applegate, was a acting ordnance officer for the Eleventh Missouri Volunteers.

November 5, 1864.
Captain E. R. Applegate, ordnance officer, will unload his train of ammunition at California, reserving 100,000 rounds in wagons, and as soon as he can procure cars he will load his ammunition and proceed to Jefferson City, thence, if transportation can be obtained, to Saint Louis. On his arrival at Saint Louis he will report to Major-General Smith, commanding Right Wing, Sixteenth Army Corps, for orders. The guard accompanying the train will remain and proceed with the ammunition by railroad. The quartermaster's department will please furnish the necessary transportation.

November 11, 1864.
Colonel L. Blanden, commanding Ninety-fifth Illinois, stated I have never seen any command so much demoralized as the Sixteenth Army Corps. The officers are much in fault, being absent from their men, with some honorable exceptions. The ordnance officer, Captain E. R. Applegate he had the ammunition of the Sixteenth Army Corps placed low down on the levee contrary to the advice of the railroad agent, who informed him the river war rising, and a large quantity was submerged. Before a boat came he went off; left it in the water, where it now is.

July 6, 1863, John Applegate was acknowledge for his valuable services in a battle in the Gettysburg campainy.

Revolutionary War & War of 1812.

Note. I know some of you had Applegate’s ancestors in the Revolutionary War & War of 1812. And you would like to have some information them. I get this kind of information from the pension rolls of the United State and as it's so vast I could not list every State here, so this will be a look up. If you would like to look for a ancestor write to me, with his name and the State & County he died in and what State he serviced for. Below is a example of the kind of information you may receive.


Statement showing the names, rank, &c. of Invalid Pensioners residing in the State of Kentucky.

James Applegate, of the State of Kentucky, in the county of Greenup, Sergeant, of the lst. reg’t. U. S levies, yearly pay $72, sums received $431.29, was placed on the roll Nov, 11, 1826, Commencement was on Sept. 8,1826. Remarks: April 25, 1808, From Virginia Sept. 4, 1827.

Civil War.

There were at lest if not more then 456, Applegate’s in the Civil War
So this to will be a lookup, when asking about a ancestor give full name and State.
Below there will be two examples on the kind of information you may receive.

Example 1.


APPLEGATE, BENJAMIN B, Private, Co. D., 18th, ILL. U. S. INF. CON., Residence MARION, BROWN CO, IL., Age 22, Height 5' 7 ¼, Hair LIGHT, Eyes BLUE, Complexion LIGHT, Marital Status N/A, Occupation FARMER, Joined MAR 6, 1865, at QUINCY, IL., Joined for a Period of 1., YR., Remarks DESERTED SEP 11, 1865 AT LITTLE ROCK ARK.

Example 2.


Applegate, Lewis M., Confederate.
At the beginning of the war he lead what is known as the Applegates raid afterwards joined General Price with his command, was made Major on General Price staff.

Many Wars of Missouri.

This information is for those who had or have Applegate’s ancestors in Missouri.
This is a lookup only the Wars cover will be: Civil War, Mexican War, Spanish-American War, Iowa War and World War I.

Notice to all Applegate researchers.

This space will be for those who asked for help of me but I couldn’t.
I will placed notices here so you Applegate’s may be able to help each other.

Good Luck and good hunting to you all.

Carroll D. Applegate.
June 1887-1972.

My Great-grandpa was Carroll D. Applegate. He was born in Canton, Illinois Fulton County is what I was told. He lived in Peoria, Illinois for years and then was taken to Texas by his daughter Emma Viola Tower. Grandpa Carroll was born June 10th 1887, and passed away in Texas Oct. 2 1972, I cannot find out who his parents were at all. Whether he had brothers or sisters I don’t know. In searching for him I found his headstone in Peoria, so I know that these dates are correct. He was married to Alta Letticia Gale and had 6 children and he was married to a women named Anna R. and her year of birth was 1879, and passed 1959, and I know he was married to a women named Jennie E. and her year 1891 to 1967.I do not know these women's last names. I have their headstones too. Grandpa was buried beside his 1st wife, Grandpa's daughter Emma Viola was married many times and she was married to my dads father Lincoln B. Johnson. If you come across any info on this Applegate family could you please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

Janie S. Johnson Wrhel.

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BobB said...

Interested in the source & details of your cite: In 1863, Joseph W. Applegate, of Indiana, was given a appointment, as assistant surgeon in the Volunteer service of the United States.
I have just discovered a South Kingstown RI cemetery stone:
APPLEGATE Joseph W [veteran of Civil War]
30 Jan 1837 7 Jul 1919 I-0135 GGSU0G [granite, rough-cut w/ polished ramp face]
APPLEGATE Jenny L [w/o Joseph W ]
11 Nov 1852 17 Jun 1941
...which has to relate to a museum exhibit I am putting together:
~ This Mirror ~ formerly belonged to Jefferson Davis
It was in his bag when he was captured at Irvinsville, Georgia on May 15th, 1865. Dr. J. W. Applegate, then a surgeon in the war had it. His wife gave it to Mary C. Nye in April, 1928. ~
Small portable shaving mirror. SouthCountyMuseum item 77-214 (Narragansett RI) from unknown donor, 4” diameter round walnut frame containing silvered glass mirror. [Sic: Davis was captured by Union Cavalry at Irwinsville GA and on May 10th, 1865.]
Bob Burford, 13 Sassafras Tr. Narragansett RI 02882