Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Adventures Of William Christy

William Christry was a young man and orphan, who had a want for adventure, at the age of twenty abandoned his study of the law and joined the northwestern army as a volunteer, the army then under the command of General Harrison. William did not belong to any corps, as he did not offer to enlist, but offered his services to be disposed of as the commanding general should think would best advance the interests of the country.
William was assigned to the duties of military storekeeper, which he was very arduous, during and after the siege of Fort Meigs, and were discharged by William with great zeal and fidelity.

William finely enlisted on April 19, 1814, William found his duty’s as a storekeeper not to his liking, and so every moment which he could spare from the care and distribution of the public stores was employed upon the lines. William would often exposed himself to the enemy’s fire from a desire to retaliate upon them with his rifle. William would on the 5th of May have a occasion presented to him to distinguish himself in a manner more to his taste, by a close conflict with the enemy. A sortie having been ordered to dislodge the enemy from their position on the company’s right flank, In the advance William’s company fell in with the mass of the Indian force commanded by Tecumseh.

In the conflict that ensued the company was surrounded by the Indian and was forced to divide itself, one part of the company pursuing the enemy to the front while William who command the other half and faced about and engaged the Indians in the rear. William’s gallant band was soon overpowered, and all but two and William were killed. William who was slightly wounded, and the last two fought their way through the enemy’s line and rejoined the regular troops. William was to distinguished himself afterwards on the same day, under the command of Lieutenant Gwynne, who commanded a company in the 19th regiment, that General Harrison recommended him to the Executive, and he received the appointment of second lieutenant in the army. William would also serve on the lines in the northern part of New York, in arresting the smuggles of goods from Canada during the summer of 1814. William would later go to New Orleans and join the first regiment of United States infantry, to which he was attached under the arrangement for the peace establishment, there he was appointed paymaster of his regiment.
There would be other adventures for William, but that’s another story.


James A. said...

1. Do we know when and where William Christy was born?

2. Do we know when and where William Christy was orphaned?

3. Do we know when and where William Christy was married, if he was?

4. Do we know when and where William Christy died?

5. Do we know anything at all about William Christy's biological parents?

6. Was William ever adopted?

7. If he was adopted, do we know anything at all about his adopted parents?

8. Do we know anything about the names, birth dates, and birth places of any of William's children, if he had any?

9. Do we know anything about William's wife(s) if he was married?

10. Where can we find out more about William Christy?

11. I have a direct-line ancestor by the name of William Henry Christy, born in 1782 in North Carolina. This is the main reason I have asked so many questions. Thank you for your replies to these questions!

Anonymous said...

James thinks for writing, I have no info, on his family or where he came from. I put this story together from a claims report and there was nothing on any fmaily, altough I did try to find something on him but I found nothing.