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Volunteers Company’s of the United States. 1776-1812

I know a lot of you are looking for a company that your ancestor was in or may have been in, so I have recorded a list of volunteer company’s and State volunteers from each State that I could find. Some State will have none, that’s not to say there won’t any, It’s the way they were recorded. Where I got my information from, Some States may list something like ( Rice Reg. ) I will not record this as I don’t know if this a Militia or a U. S., company. I will only record the names that state Volunteers. I hope you will find that company you are looking for on this page, and if your lucky you may find your ancestor on the roster as well.

Note. These rosters were made up from the United States Pension Rolls, which is housed at the Library of Congress.

Volunteers Company’s of the United States.


Stanley’s Volunteers.
1.Private, Jarvis Beal.
2. Private, James R. Bean.

Danforth’s Volunteers.
1. Private, William Barton.

Herrick’s Volunteers.
1. Private, William Campbell.
2. Private, Allen Freeman.
3. Private Thomas Ham.
4. Private, John P. read.
5. Private Isaac Plummer.

Elkin’s Volunteers.
1. Private, Jedediah Lombard.

Ulmer’s Volunteers.
1. Private, Henry Doe.
2. Private, John Penny.

McCobb’s Volunteers.
1. Corporal, Thomas Linnen.

Burr’s Volunteers.
1. Hezekiah Richardson.

Cumming’s Volunteers.
Private Joseph Russell.


Connecticut. Volunteers.
1. Private, David Blackman.

Connecticut. Volunteer infantry.
1. Sergeant Aner Bradley.

Hawkins Volunteers.
1. Private, Daniel Putman, died.

New York.

Miller’s U. S. Volunteers.
1. Ensign, Joseph Farrow.

New York Volunteers.
1. Major & Aid-de-camp, John Lovett.
2. Sergeant, Levi Steel.
3. Private, Charles Hagin.
4. Sergeant, Isaac Wiley.
5.2d, Lieutenant, George Bell.
6. Major, Cyrenius Chapin.
7. Private, Robert Kane.
8. Private, Caleb Torry.
9. Sergeant, Samuel Burt.
10. Captain, Elias Benjamin.
11. Corporal, Banard Curray.
12. Private, James McDonald.
13. Private, Reuben Patrick.
14. Private, Hugh Stevenson.
15. Captain, Richard C. Skinner.
16. Private, John B. Williams.
17. Private Silas Alexander.
18. Captain, John Hull.
19. Private, Henry Parks.
20. 1st, Lieutenant, Phipps Hewitt.
21. Private, Joseph Edson.
22. Private Amon Lawrence.
23. Colonel, Hugh W. Dobbin.
24. Private, Daniel Boughton.
25. Or. Sergeant, Daniel Dupuy.
26. 1st. Lieutenant, William Bailey.
27. Qr. Master, Archer Green.
28. Private, Chauncey W. Smith.
29. Private, James Schoonover.
30. Private, David Silsby.

Volunteer Militia.
1. Private George Acker.
2. Private, Aaron Cartwright.

Canadian Volunteers.
1. Private, Cary Marcellous.
2. Private, David Pierson.
3. Captain, William Bigger.

2d, N. Y. volunteers.
1. 1st, Lieutenant, Platt Ketchum.

3d, N. Y. Volunteers.
1. 2d, Lieutenant, George Bell.
2. 2d, Lieutenant, Ebenezer Cole.
3. 2d, Lieutenant, Caleb Crane.
4. Private, Nathan Harris.
5. 2d, Lieutenant, Peter Holmes.
6. 2d, Lieutenant, Lewis Messellier.
7. 2d, Lieutenant, Bernard O’Conner.
8. 2d, Lieutenant, Isaac Piercy.
9. Captain Thomas Sherwood.

Chapin’s Volunteers.
1. 2d, Lieutenant, Augustus C. Fox.

McClure’s Volunteers.
1. Private, John Skerritt.

United States Volunteers.
1. Captain, Chester Griswood.
2. Private, Josiah Griswood, Died.

Swift’s Connecticut Volunteers.
1. Private, Abel Follet.
2. Private. Jieah Carter

New York Volunteer Rifles.
1. Private, John Stoddard.

Birdsall’s Volunteer Rifles.
1. Corporal. Daniel Tibbetts.

Parker’ Massachusetts Volunteers.
1. Private, William Gallup or Gallop.

New York Volunteer Cavalry.
1. Private, William M’Keon.


Greensburg Volunteers.
1. Private, Samuel McLean.

Gordon’s Co. Militia, Gordon’s Vol., Gordon’s 5th, reg. Vol.
1. Private, William Burgess.
2. Private, William Edwards.
3. Private, James Hayes.

Pennsylvania Volunteers.
1. Lieutenant, William Dick.

New York Volunteers.
1. Sergeant, George Waters.

Markle’s United States Dragoons Volunteers.
1. Private, John Gilbert.


Marshall’s Co. Delaware Volunteers.
1. Private, Gunsbury Brown.


Baltimore Volunteers.
1. Captain Stephen H. Moore.

United States Volunteers.
1. Private, William Randall.


Virginia Volunteers.
1. Lieutenant, James Campbell.

Petersburg Volunteers.
1. Private, Grieve Drummond.

McRae’s Volunteers.
1. Private, William R. Chieves.

Humphrey’s Volunteers.
1. Private, Hugh McDonald.

Virginia Volunteers Riflemen.
1. Private William D. Phielding.


Smith’s Volunteer Dragoons.
1. Private, Andrew Boyle.

Kentucky Volunteer Militia.
1. Private, William Scott.
2. Farrier, Joseph M’Connell.

Garrard’s Volunteers.
1. Private, Thomas Estin.
2. Private, John Wood.

Kentucky Volunteers.
1. Musician, Samuel Kelly.
2. Lieutenant, Bartlett Collins.
3. Private, Thomas Bell.
4. Private, Thomas Hawkins.
5. Private. Thomas James.
6. Private, Edward Turner.
7. Private, Samuel W. White.
8. Private, Brid Smith.

Tennessee Volunteers.
1. Private, John Beatty.


Tennessee Volunteers.
1. Private, William Hudgins.
2. Private, Richard Martin.
3. Private, Charles T. Reese.
4 Private, James Walker.
5. Corporal, George Ridley.
6. Private, James Richards.
7. Archibald B. Shannon.

North Carolina Volunteers.
1. Private, William Alexander.
2. Ensign, James Crawford.
3. Private, Alston Cook.

2d, Reg. Tennessee Volunteers.
1. Colonel, William Pillow.

North Carolina Militia Volunteers.
1. Colonel, William Moore.


Ohio Volunteers.
1. Private, William Morrows.
2. Private, Thomas Auter.
3. Private, Henry Houser.

1st, North Carolina Volunteers..
1. Private, George Barngrover.
2. Private, Charles Black.

Mounted Volunteers.
1. Private, Samuel Hawkins.

Garrard Co. Volunteers.
1. Private, Thomas Webster.

New York Volunteers.
1. Private, Jabez Smith.
2. Sergeant, Ransom Isbel.

2d, Reg. Ohio Volunteers.
1. Private, Henry Kendelsperyer

3d, Reg. Ohio Volunteers.
1. Corporal, Robert Doing.


Louisiana Volunteers.
1. Private, Manuel Crecy.


Indiana Volunteers.
1. Private, John Wheeler.
2. Musician, Isham Stroud.

McClelland’s Volunteers.
1. Sergeant, John Parker.

Ohio Volunteers.
1. Sergeant, James Foster.

Mounted Volunteers.
1. Private, Samuel Scott.

New York Volunteers.
1. Sergeant, James Pierce.
2. Private, Asa Brooks.


Ohio Volunteers.
1. Ensign, Henry Flesher.

Illinois Volunteers.
1. 2d, Lieutenant, Tramel Ewing.
2. Captain, Charles Dunn.
3. Private, Joseph R. Young.

Kentucky Volunteers.
1. Private, William Lane.


Tennessee Volunters.
1. Private, Abner Dickson.
2. Private, Mathew Paine.


New York Volunteers.
1. Private, Jabez Fisk
2. Private, Henry Sutton.
3. Captain, Jedediah Hunt.
4. Captain, John Martin.
5. Private, Henry Myers.

Kentucky Volunteers.
1. 1st, William Griffith.

Michigan Volunteers.
1. Private, Lewis Jacob.

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