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Patrick Green Mail Guard Robbed 1822.

In the year of 1822, Patrick Green was a mail guard for the route of Baltimore to Havre-de-Grace, on July 8, 1822, he was attacked by a group of robbers. His story was printed in the New York Gazette on July 11, 1823, here is that story.

New York Gazette, July 11, 1823.

Daring Robbery of the mail-We yesterday received proof-sheets from the several editors in Baltimore furnishing the particulars of another daring robbery of the mail. Between 1 and 2 o’clock this morning, a most daring robbery of the eastern mail was committed about two miles east of the Great Falls of the Gunpowder. The mail was on it’s way from the east to Baltimore, and at the placed mentioned was arrested in it’s progress by a fence which had been erected across the road. The guard was taken about thirty yards from the carriage, where the ruffian who had first struck him stood over him with a pistol presented to his breast. The villain asked the guard why he had fired at him? To which the latter replied, he was only doing his duty; that he was sworn to protect the mail. Some of the robbers, called out to their comrade to shoot him or they would shoot him, ( the robbers.)

The guard begged earnestly for his life, as they talked of trying him, and kept him in the most anxious suspense as to his fate. At one time the robber held his hand across the eyes of the guard for about five minutes. During the time these events took place ( which the guard supposes was about half an hour, ) the rest of the robbers were engaged in rifling the mail. The robber then directed the guard to sit down at the foot of a tree, and not to stir at the peril of this life. The guard was struck across the head with a pistol, with which one of the ruffians was armed; the blow deprived him for a short time of his senses.

At the spot where the robbery took place, there was a high bank on each side of the road. The guard Patrick Green, acted with much courage and good conduct, having discharged his blunderbuss at the robbers when they first discovered themselves, and afterwards snapped a pistol at one, and discharged the other pistol at another before they came upon him. It appears it was the last shot from the pistol which wounded Moore in the breast, who was armed with a gun.

Patrick Green stated; that at the moment the attack was made by the robbers, the driver of the mail deserted me and fled, so I was left entirely alone to contend with the band. At one time Moor presented a musket to my side, and told me to give up, or he would blow me through. I then fired my pistol, which wounded Moore severely, and the next instant I was struck by a robber by the name of Ebenezer ( who I had shot at ) across the head, which blow me back into the stage and deprived me of my senses.

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