Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your Lost Ancestor.

I know there are a lot of reason why you researchers can not find that one ancestor, he or she may have remarried or you may not have a date of their deaths, or maybe they had children but you don’t have all their names. This page is to help you solve some of these mysteries. This page will be in two parts, the first will be a list of Heirs and there will be information on all of them in the form of Bills out of Congress. This information could be the name of a child, wife, and service or land. It may also give the State and county where their came from.

The second part will be about the same as the first part, but what is stated is all the information I will have on them, it may not be a lot but it may be important information to you and help you in your hunt for that lost ancestor. I keep saying ( Lost ) but then they may not be and you are just looking for more information on them, either way this page may be a help to you.

Note. If you would like any information on the names from the first part of this page or have any questions at all you can find my address in my profile.

Note. This information come from the files of the Library of Congress.

Bills & Acts.

1. Amelia Hotsenpiller heir to Frederick Seigle.
2. Eliza Causin heir to Colonel John H. Stone.
3. Margaret Barnitz heir to Colonel David Grier.
4. Isabella John heir to William John.
5. Anthony S. Robinson heir to John Hamilton Robinson.
6. Sarah Morris heir to Robert Mitchell.
7. Ann C. de Neufville Evans heir to John de Neufville.
8. Harriet Spring heir to Captain William Baker.
9. Susannah Hayne Pinckney heir to Captain Richard Shubrick.
10. Elizabeth Scott heir to Captain William Blackwell.
11. David Moors heir to Timothy Moors.
12. John S. Russwurm heir to William Russwurm.
13. Eleazer William heir to Mary Ann & Thomas Williams.
14. Reuben J. Champion heir to Reuben & Rhoda Champion.
15. Harriet Peet heir to John Peet.
16. Abram Stapes heir to Isaac Stapes.
17. Mary McCurdy heir to Barbara Mudd.
18. Elizabeth Hunt heir to Captain William Hendricks.
19. Elizabeth McBrier heir to Colonel Archibald Loughry.
20. L. E. L. A. Lawson heir to General Eleazer W. Ripley.
21. Margaret B. Franks heir to Thomas L. Franks.
22. Maryett Van Buskirk heir to Thomas Van Buskirk.
23. Catherine A. S. Graham heir to Thomas Hazzard.
24. Nicholas Phelan heir to John Phelan
25. James & Jane Huey heir to Alexander B. Huey
26. George Baxter heir to Robert Baxter.
27. Fanny A. Thompson heir to William Thompson.
28. Catharine Proctor Hayden heir to John White.
29. Harriet de la Palm Baker heir to Frederick H. Wissenfels.
30. Archibald C. Crary heir to Colonel Archibald Crary.
31. James H. Causten heir to Joseph H. Causten.
32. Mary M. Telfair heir to Israel Pearce.

Part 2.

1. Abraham H. Wallace, and James Alexander, of Shelby county, and State of Kentucky, for themselves and other heirs of Lieutenant John Wallace, deceased, who was an Officer in the sixth Pennsylvania regiment in the war of the Revolution, praying for the payment of the services of their ancestor in that war.

2. James W. Simmons, of Houston, in the State of Texas, in behalf of B. Louisa Simmons, his wife, heir of the late William Broadfoot, merchant, of Charleston, South Carolina, praying indemnity for French spoliations prior to the year 1800.

3. Nathaniel Gilbert, executor of the estate of George Gilbert; also administrator of Samuel Woodbury, deceased; likewise agent for the heirs of Alpheus Billings, praying Compensation for losses sustained by French spoliations prior to the year 1800;

4. John Dunham, heir to the estate of Daniel Dunham, and Patrick Fanning, heir to the estate of John Thurston, of Norwich, in the State of Connecticut, of like import with the above.

5. Captain John Mussey, praying the redemption of certain bills of credit, issued by the authority of the Continental Congress during the revolutionary war.

6. Jacob Schenck, heir of John Schenck, an officer in the revolutionary army, praying compensation for his services and remuneration for losses sustained by him during that war.

7. James Brownlee, sole heir of Alexander Brownlee, deceased, who was a soldier in the war of the Revolution, praying that an act may be passed to authorize the Commissioner of Pensions to issue to him another land warrant, in lieu of one that has been lost.

8. Rebecca Hyde, daughter and heir of Adam Hurlbut, a soldier of the revolution, praying for a pension or other relief.

9. John Berry, of the County of Bath, in the State of Virginia, heir at law of Alexander Gillispy, deceased, was presented to the House and read, praying that he may be allowed to locate the bounty lands granted by the British Government to the deceased, on the lands of the United States.

10. Heirs of Nathaniel Steele, praying indemnity for damages sustained by him in consequence of his ejectment by United States troops from a tract of land purchased of a half-breed Indian.

11. John W. Pray, one of the heirs-at-law of John Pray, deceased, praying that the commutation pay to which his ancestor was entitled may be paid to his heirs.

12. Betsy Wheeler and others, heirs at law of Artemas Wheeler, praying the renewal and extension of the patent granted said Wheeler for improvements in fire arms.

13. Gilbert Vrooman, only surviving son and heir of Peter Vrooman, deceased, praying compensation for provisions, forage, and other supplies furnished by his father to certain United States troops during the war with Great Britain in the year 1813.

14. Chandler Dinwiddie Fowke, in behalf of the heir and legatee of Jane Stobo, deceased, was presented and read, praying payment of a certificate signed by Timothy Pickering, quartermaster general, dated 3d December, 1782, for seven hundred and sixty dollars, and forty-five cents, bearing interest at 6 per cent.

15. Rose A. Cameron, heir-at-law of James Belldeed, a soldier of the Revolution, praying for a pension.

16. Elizabeth Jones, daughter and heir of John Cart, deceased, a soldier in the revolutionary army, praying to be allowed arrears of pension.

17. Sarah B. Hobbins, sole heir and lineal descendant of Michael Jackson, an officer in the revolutionary army, praying to be allowed the half-pay to which her ancestor was entitled.

18. Maria L. Walker, daughter and heir of John Tayloe Griffin, praying compensation for the services of her father as commissary, indemnity for losses sustained, and the reimbursement of money advanced for the use of the United States in the revolutionary war.

19. Hannah F. Niles, daughter and only surviving child of the late Captain Robert Niles, asking all appropriation on account of the meritorious services of her father during the revolutionary war.

20. Frances Moore, heir and legal representative of John Moore, deceased, praying the repayment of advances made by her ancestor during the revolutionary war.

21. Daniel Harvey, Eloisa M. Harvey, and David McLaughlin, asking that the claim to the "Oregon city claim" (except the Abernethy island) be released to the heirs of Doctor John McLaughlin, and that in lieu thereof two townships, of land be granted to the Territory of Oregon.

22. Elisha Gordon, son and heir of Patience Gordon, deceased, praying payment of a Loan Office certificate that was issued to his mother in 1777, and now lost.

23. Eli Peterson, of Montgomery county, in the State of Virginia, praying for the bounty land, as sole heir of Andrew Peterson, deceased, to which the said deceased was entitled for his service during the late war with Great Britain.

24. Thomas Bryant, heir of William Bryant, deceased, an officer in the naval service during the revolutionary war, praying compensation for the services of his ancestor

25. Thomas Raper and the heirs of William Reid, praying to be allowed the value of certain pre-emption claims under the Cherokee treaty of 1835.

26. John Wilgus, heir of Samuel Wilgus, of Fayette county, in the State of Pennsylvania, praying for a grant of a quarter section of land, in the State of Ohio, for services of his father in the revolutionary war

27. Jean Baptist Dumon, son and heir of Jean Baptist Dumon, deceased, late of Canada, merchant, praying to be reimbursed certain advances made by the deceased, for the support of the American Army, and also for losses and injuries sustained, both in his person and property, by adhering to the American cause, during the late war.

28. George G. Skipwith, heir and legal representative of Fulwar Skipwith, praying remuneration for the diplomatic services and expenses of his father while consul general of the United States in France, in the years 1795, 1796, and 1797.

29. Robert Robertson, of Somerset county, in the State of New Jersey, heir and representative of Martin Hurley, of the said State, deceased, was presented to the House and read, praying that a law may be passed, granting to the petitioner, as heir and representative of the deceased, such a portion of the public lands as the said Martin Hurley was entitled to, in consideration of military services rendered by him as an ensign in the army of the United States, during the Revolutionary war with Great Britain.

30. Francis Galvan de Bernoux, brother, and heir at law, of William Galvan, deceased, was presented to the House and read, praying that he may receive the commutation of half-pay, and other emoluments, due for the services of the deceased, as a Major in the Army of the United States, during the late war, to which he conceives himself justly entitled.

31. William C. Mosher, heir and legal representative of John Mosher, a lieutenant in the Army of the Revolution, praying to be allowed the commutation pay due his ancestor.

32. James Marks, father of Robert Marks, who was killed in the massacre at Panama, in April, 1856, praying the adoption of such measures as will enable him to get possession of the funds, or other property, of which his son was possessed at the time of his death.


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