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The Job Of The Cashier.

When I first stared this page I thought I know what a cashier was. I like most thought of a person standing behind steel bars or a bird cage in a bank who took or give you money. Then there were the cashiers that worked in restaurants and the Five & dime store, or the many other business were you paid for a service. But there is another kind of cashier, they were the ( Professional Cashier ), These cashiers worked for the War Department, Treasury Department and in the Presidents Office.

Then there were the professional cashiers that worked for big business. These professional cashiers deal in large sums of money or bonds. These cashiers would travel across the state or to other countries to deliver these large sums of money, bonds and bank drafts. The professional cashiers that worked for the United Stares Government were not just hired they were appointment jobs and were appointed by Congress. For a job that sounds so small, is a very big and important job after all.

Note. As I have stated many times in the past my job is to help you find something on you ancestor, it by not be a lot of information on him but it will give you a place to start you research, this will be the case here.

1. William Story, praying the settlement of a claim against the United States, for his services as Clerk, Cashier, and Paymaster, to the Navy Board in the Eastern Department, during the late war. Note this was between 1789-1793.

2. Tench Francis (1730--;1800), a Philadelphia merchant, was cashier of the Bank of North America.

3. John Swanwick (1740-98), a long time employee of Robert Morris, was cashier of the Office of Finance and receiver of Continental taxes in Pennsylvania, and became a partner in the firm of Willing & Morris in September 1783.

4. 1856, A. S. Robinson, cashier of the Bank of the State of Missouri.

5. 1791, William Seton, Cashier of the Bank of New York.

6. The memorial of the Representatives of George Simpson, late of Philadelphia, deceased, stating that the deceased in his lifetime, as Cashier of the Bank of Stephen Girard, received subscriptions to the Loan authorized in the year 1813, pursuant to instructions addressed to him by the Secretary of the Treasury, to a considerable amount, for which no compensation has yet been made; and praying that the usual allowance for such services, may now be made, the amount was $16,000,000 of dollars.
his wife was Eleanor Simpson.

7. King Hancock was a cashier in a bank which I believe was in Charles Town, 1784.

8. 1873, The petition of Will R. Hervey, cashier of the United States depository at Louisville, Kentucky, asking to be relieved from loss occasioned by the payment as such cashier of a forged check.

1834, That the Secretary of the Treasury be directed to lay before this House copies of the charters of all the banks selected by him as depositories of the public moneys in the place of the Bank of the United States and its branches, together with the names of the Presidents, Cashiers, Directors, and stockholders in the said selected banks, and the names of the lawyers and solicitors, with the amount of stock in said banks held by each stockholder, and the amount of debt due by each President, Cashier, and Director of each of the banks to the said bank at the time when it was selected as a depository, and at this time.

1832, In these requisitions the Secretary of the Treasury was requested to order a warrant to be issued from the Treasury in favor of the Cashier of the Branch Bank of the United States in Washington, for the sums required to pay the members of the House of Representatives for mileage and attendance at the present session of Congress.

1841, Each cashier or treasurer, before he enters upon the duties of his office, shall be required to give bond, with two or more sureties, to the satisfaction of the directors, in a sum not less than fifty thousand dollars, with a condition for his good behaviour, and the faithful performance of his duties to the corporation.

9. 1823, That a committee be appointed to ascertain by whom the suppression of the paragraph in the letter of William. R. Dickinson, Cashier of the Bank of Steubenville, to the Secretary of the Treasury, dated the--day of--1819, and by him communicated to this House, at the last session, was caused, with leave to sit during the sessions of this House, and with power to send for persons and papers.

10. 1864, Benjamin Follett, cashier of First National Bank of Ypsilanti.

11. 1777, Blair M'Clenaghan, for 16,400 dollars, to discharge the continental navy board their order of the 3d September last, on William Alricks, their cashier, for the payment of two ships purchased of the said M'Clenaghan; the said navy board to be accountable.

12. Charles H. Parsons to be cashier of internal duties as provided by act of Congress approved March 3d, 1863.

Bank of the Metropolis,
" Washington, February 1, 1842.

Sir: As the banks in this District are restrained, by their charters, from paying out, after the 1st of March next, the notes of any suspended bank, or any paper which is not equivalent to gold and silver, I am directed by the board of directors to inform you, that, previous to that day, whatever balance, in current notes, may remain to your credit in this bank, will be placed in the hands of Richard Smith, cashier of this bank, to be held by him, individually, to pay over to you at such times and in such amounts as may suit your convenience, in funds similar to those you deposited, for the payment of which this bank will be responsible.

1864, That the cashier of internal duties, who shall hereafter be called Cashier of Internal Revenue, and whose annual salary shall be twenty-five hundred dollars, shall perform such duties as may be assigned to his office by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, under the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, and shall give a bond with sufficient sureties, to be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury and by the Solicitor, that he will faithfully account for all the moneys or other. articles of value belonging to the United States which may come into his hands, and perform all the duties enjoined upon his office according to law and regulations, as aforesaid; which bond shall be deposited with the First Comptroller of the Treasury

13. Benjamin W. Ham, cashier of the Providence National Bank, of Providence, Rhode Island, praying that the amount of certain taxes alleged to have been erroneously assessed and paid may be refunded

14. Edward A. Rollins, of N. H., to be cashier of internal duties, under the act of 3d March, 1863.

15. 1835, N. H. Ridgely, Esq., cashier of the Illinois State Bank.

16. 1867, R. Smith, cashier of the Northwestern Bank of Virginia, of Parkersburg, West Virginia, praying payment of a balance due on certain quartermasters' vouchers, issued for the purchase of horses for the army under the command of General Hunter.


SIR: In answer to your inquiry of the 23d instant I have the honor to inform you that the names of Cashiers of the offices of this bank, at present established, are as follows:
Boston, Samuel Frothiugham.
New York, Lynde Catlin.
Baltimore, James W. M’CulIoh.
Washington Richard Smith.
Richmond, Julius B. Dandridge.
Norfolk, Luke Wheeler.
Charleston, Peter Bacot.
Savannah, Eleazer Early.
New Orleans, Joseph Saul.
Lexington, Ezekiel Salomon.
Cincinnati, Gorham A. Worth.

Civil War years.

1. 1862, Mortimer Belly, was cashier of the Bank of New Orleans and has been about five years.

2. 1861, W. OWENS, Jr., cashier Branch Bank of Kentucky, at Columbus.

3. 1865, John A. fisher, cashier Bank of Tennessee.

4. 1854, I find on inquiry that the following-named citizens have such permits and are daily purchasing supplies, viz: Mr., R. M. Wallance (wife of cashier of Branch Bank of Tennessee, who upon the entrance of the U. S. forces into this place decamped with all the funds of the bank), Miss M. Mathews, Miss Ann Wallace (daughter of Mrs. R. M. Wallace), Miss V. Mathews, Miss Felicia Whitthorne.

5. 1862, August Montreuil, cashier, of the Bank of Louisiana.

6. 1861, H. Calvert, the cashier for the branch of the bank of Kentucky.

7. 1862, Eugene Rousseau, cashier of the CITIZENS" BANK OF LOUISIANA.

8. 1863, CHARLES A. MAY, Esq., Cashier Park Bank, New York.

9. 1861, D. A. Davis, esq. (now cashier of the Salisbury Bank).

10. 1861, JAMES MOTT, Cashier of FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK of Baltimore.

11. 1864, G. R. PACE, Cashier Southern Telegraph Companies.

12. 1861, Mr. William P. Linder, cashier of the Branch Bank of Saint Louis.

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