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Silas Mercer Family.

The other day I saw a post asking about Silas Mercer, I have seen the Mercer name before while researching other names, so I looked into it and found the information interesting and thought it would make a good page. I know there is a lot more on Silas and his family and this page is far from being completed, but it will give those looking into this family a good start.

Note. I will only deal with Silas and his family, but for those of you who would like to trace his family back, you will find his family goes back to England to The year of about 1590, the same goes for his wife Dorcas Green, and her family who go back to 1661, Ireland. Now this information can be found quite easily with a little research.

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Silas Mercer was born in February of 1745, at Currituck Bay, N. C. He would die on August 1, 1796, at Wilkes, Ga. His father was James Mercer and Mother was Ann Jones. Silas would marry Dorcas Green, in 1768, at Halifax, N. C., she would Died: 7 Sep 1819, her father was Willian Green Sr., and mother was Ann Robinson.

Silas and Dorcas would have the following children.

1. Mary MERCER, Born: Abt. 1776, at Wilkes, Ga.

2. Nancy Mary MERCER, Born: Abt. 1777, at Wilkes, Ga., died in the same year.

3. Mourning MERCER, Born: Abt 1782, at Wilkes, Ga., died in the same year.

4. Daniel MERCER, Born: 1780, in N. C., Died: 26 Feb 1830, at Henry, Ga. Married Sarah TUGGLE, in 1812.

5. Mount Moriah MERCER, Born: 1787, at Wilkes, Ga. Died: Jun 1822, at Oglethorpe, Ga. Married Nancy Ann EDGE, 1815, at Oglethorpe, Ga.

6. Harmon MERCER , Born: 1784, in N. C., Died: 13 Jan 1854, at Ochusee, Jackson, Florida. He had three wife’s Married Elizabeth ANDREWS, Seprember 3, 1802, at Greene, Ga. Married Mary Hale BATTLE, Abt. 1820, at Greene, Ga. Married Elizabeth DARRACOTT, August 13, 1826, at Taliaferro, Ga.

7. Joshua MERCER, Born: 10 Jun 1788, at Wilkes, Ga. Died: 4 Feb 1869, at Gordon, Henry, Al. Married Mary D. WELLS, December 21, 1808, at Wilkes, Ga.

8. Anna MERCER, Born: 10 Dec 1774, at Wilkes, Ga. Died: 1852, at Lincoln, Tn. Married William ROBERTSON, June 28, 1792, at Lincoln, Tn.

9. Jesse MERCER, Born: 16 Dec 1769, at Halifax, N. C., Died: 1 Dec 1841, at Butts, Ga. He had two wife’s married Sabrina CHIVARS, Jamuary 31, 1788, at Wilkes, Ga. Married Nancy Mills SIMONS, December 11, 1827, at Wilkes, Ga.

There was a total of 12, children but the records are unclear and some names are repeted twice.

Silas Mercer, was a Baptist Minister-Chaplain-Theologian-Statesman and was converted and baptized circa 1775 into the Kiokee Baptist Church. He founded the Phillips Mill Church, on May 7, 1785 and served as pastor from 1785-1796. Later he founded Bethesda 1785, Powelton 1786, Clark's Station 1786, Sardis 1788 and others. He helped organize the first Baptist Association. The Georgia Chaplain- Revolutionary War. Leader in merger of separate and regular Baptists in Georgia and South Carolina. Delegate to Georgia Constitutional Conventions 1789 and 1795. Established Salem Academy 1793. Defender of Calvinistic Doctrine. Silas and Dorcas Mercer had eight children, two sons were teachers, three sons, including Jesse Mercer, were Baptist Ministers.

This information can be found on his head stone at Phillip Mills Baptist Church, were his and his wife Remains were reburid in 1976, from their original site at Ficklen Ga.

Very Important Note. This information is just a guide and should not be stated as fact untill you have done more research. As I have stated ealier some record are unclear and this family needs more research. ( I take no responsibility for any erros in this information.)


Anonymous said...

From what religion was Silas Mercer converted to Baptist?

Dennis Segelquist said...

The information didn't state.

Christina Flury said...

In one spot you cite he and Dorcas had 12 children. You list 9. Then in another spot, you state they had 8 children.

In answer to what faith did he convert from: He was originally a member of The Church of England (Episcopalian).