Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mail Carriers & Mail Guards.

Being a mail carrier could be a very dangers job, the dangers were from Indians and your plain mail robbers, then their was the weather and the dangers of floods. The men on this list faced all these dangers and some were even killed in the service.

Some of the information on these men are fairly long, while others are short and some are just a short note. If you would like to request information on any of these names, you can find my address in my profile. ( Please give the title of this page for without it I may not be able to help. You.)

1. Josiah H. Webb, 1806..

2. John Heaps, 1819 or 1820.

3. Samuel Gordon, 1804.

4. Alan Farquhar, 1817 or 1818.

5. Patrick Green, 1822.

6. Gabriel Alexander, A petition 1828.

7. Ephraim Potter, Killed Sept. 5, 1861.

8. John L. Carr, 1863.

9. Jesse Butts, 1857.

10. Peter Nicol, 1864.

11. William P. Lowrey, 1861.

12. Greenbury Griffin, 1818.

13. Joseph Garcias, 1842.

14. Daniel Cotton, 1806.

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