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William C. Cox, Of Pennsylvania.

This is a Act for William H. Cox, normally I would have added other Acts and Bills, but his has so much information I felt it should stand a lone.

July 16, 1868.

Directing the Commissioner of Pensions to proceed to hear evidence and determine the right of W. H. Cox, deceased, late a sergeant in company K, second regiment Pennsylvania artillery, to a pension in same manner as if he was still living, he having died of disease contracted whilst a prisoner of war at Andersonville, Georgia, and if’ found to be entitled to a pension, then same, from time. of his discharge till death, to be paid over to his father, Charles D. Cox.

Whereas W. H. Cox, a hale, hearty, young man of about twenty years of age, residing with his father Charles D. Cox, of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, and being a part of his family, on the sixteenth day of February, eighteen hundred and sixty- four, was enrolled as a sergeant in company F, second regiment Pennsylvania artillery, to serve three years or during the war; that he was regularly mustered in as such, and at the battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia, on or about the second of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, was taken prisoner by the rebels and sent to Andersonville, Georgia, and there confined as a prisoner of war for the period of ten months, and from exposure and lack of food became very much debilitated, and after being released he was on the eighth of August eighteen hundred and sixty-five, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by virtue of a telegram dated Adjutant General’s office, May twelfth, eighteen hundred and sixty—five, honorably discharged from the United States service; and whereas the said W. H. Cox, after reaching his father’s residence, made application for a pension under existing law’s, in consequence of disease contracted in line of duty, and before the ease was finally disposed of, to wit : .July ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty—six, he died ol disease contracted as aforesaid, and the Commissioner then declined to proceed further in the case, being of opinion that the death of the young man suspended further proceedings ; and whereas, Charles D Cox, father of said deceased soldier is desirous of obtaining the pension justly due his said son from (late of his discharge till death, lo he applied to the purchase of a. suitable monument to be placed at his grave : Therefore,

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that the commissioner of pension be and is hereby, authorized and directed to proceed and receive proof of the right of said W. H. Cox to a in the same manner as if still living, and if the evidence satisfies him that he was entitled, then the pension from time of discharge till his death to be paid over to his father, Charles D. Cox, out of the pension fund, or any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Passed the House of Representatives July 15. 1868.
Attest: ED WARD McPHERSON, Clerk.

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