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Coloner Thomas Gardner 1775.

Thomas Gardner.

Birth: About 1723.
Death July 3, 1775.
Father: Richard Gardner
Mother: Elizabeth Winchester
Wife: Joanna SPARHAWK, married June 12, 1755, Cambridge, MA.

Petition of Joanna Gardner.
Library of Congress.

Joanna Gardner states that she is the widow of the late Colonel Thomas Gardner, who was wounded in the battle of Charlestown, on the 17th day of June, 1775, and who died of his wounds on the 3d day of July following.

That she was left with three small children, and had to encounter many difficulties in bringing them up; that she has not received the relief provided by the resolution of Congress for the widows and children of officers who have died in the army since the month of August, 1775.

That she does not apprehend it was the intention of Congress to make any discrimination between the widows and children of officers who died in the service, on account of the time when such event took place. She therefore prays that the benefit of the aforesaid resolution of Congress may be extended to her and her children.

Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors in the Revolutionary War.

Thomas Gardner, service record.

Gardner, Thomas. Colonel; pay roll of field and staff officers who marched in consequence of the alarm of April 19, 1775, dated Prospect Hill; service, 5 days; also, order of the day dated Cambridge, May 23, 1775 ; reported field officer of the day for May 23, 1775; also, order of the day dated June 14, 1775; reported field officer of the day for June 14, 1775 ; also, general order dated Headquarters Cam- bridge, July 22, 1775, making disposition of the forces about Boston and dividing the army into 3 grand divisions to consist of 2 brigades each ; said Gardner's regt. assigned to a brigade to be commanded by Brig. Gen. Green which was to form part of left wing or 2d division of the army under Maj. Gen. Lee, and to be stationed at Prospect Hill.

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