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Wadleigh Noyes, 1777.

Wadleigh Noyes.

Birth: September 9, 1745, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
Death: October 27, 1777.

Father: Jonathon Noyes
Mother: Lydia Bancroft

Brother & sisters: Mary Noyes, born 19 APR 1744 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.  Joseph Noyes, born 18 JUN 1747 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 28 JUN 1824. Eliphalet Noyes, born 15 JUL 1749 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Lydia Noyes, born 25 JUL 1751 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Dudley Noyes, born 25 JUL 1751 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Rebecca Noyes, born 11 FEB 1754 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Rebecca Noyes, born 09 APR 1756 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. . Aaron Noyes, born 17 FEB 1758 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 23 OCT 1834. Jonathon Noyes, born 09 MAR 1763 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Lydia Noyes, born 02 MAY 1765 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 10 FEB 1853. Susanna Noyes, born 02 APR 1769 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

Wife: Hannah Smith, marriage, 1768.

Children: Moses Noyes, born 20 AUG 1771 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 1855. Abigail Noyes, born About 1773 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Wadleigh Noyes, born 1775 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 1832. Samuel Noyes, born About 1777 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 1791.

Military Service.

Wadleigh Noyes, deceased, was a lieutenant in the 9th Massachusetts regiment; and that he was mortally wounded at Saratoga the 7th of October, 1777, of which wounds he died the 27th day of the same month and year. That the widow of the deceased lieutenant having intermarried, the present petition is presented in behalf of her three children, had by the said Wadleigh Noyes, deceased. That the said widow or children have not received any compensation for the seven years’ half-pay in such cases allowed by the United States.

Noyes, Wadleigh, Newbury. Sergeant, Capt. William Rogers's co. of Minutemen, Col. Samuel Gerrish's regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 9 days ; also, Capt. William Rogers's co.. Col. Gerrish's regt.; return of effectives made by said Noyes, dated Maiden, July 28, 1775; also, same co. and regt. ; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted April 28, 1775; service, 3 mos. 11 days; also, Capt. Rogers's (8th) co., Lieut. Col. Loammi Baldwin's (late Col. Gerrish's) .38th (also given 37th) regt. ; pay abstract for Aug., 1775, dated Chelsea; also, company return [probably Oct., 1775] ; also, order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Chelsea, Dec. 28, 1775; also, list of recruits for the new establishment in Col. Baldwin's regt., approved by Brig. Gen. W. Heath in Camp at Cambridge, Dec. 30, 1775; Capt. Rogers's CO. ; also. Ensign, Col. Loammi Baldwin's (26tli) regt. ; return dated Cam- bridge Camp, Jan. 8, 1776, made by Col. Loammi Baldwin, of commissioned officess in 26th regt. ; also. Ensign, Capt. Ezra Badlam's co., Col. Baldwin's regt.; pay abstract for Jan., 1776, etc. ; also, receipt given to Col. Baldwin, for ration allowance from Jan. 1, 1776, to April 1, 1776, dated New York ; oAso, Capt. Badlam's co.. Col. Baldwin's regt. ; pay abstracts for Feb.-June, 1776, dated New York ; also, list of men appearing on a bill for work done by them ; receipt on reverse, given to Col. Baldwin by said Noyes, Lieutenant, dated New York, Aug. 11, 1776 ; also, return of the sick in Capt. Badlam's co. made by said Noyes, Ensign, dated North Castle, Nov. 17, 1776; also, return dated Mixfield, Pa., Dec. 29, 1776, of men belonging to Col. Baldwin's(26th) regt. who marched on expedition to Trenton Dec. 26, 1776; also. Lieutenant, Col. James Wesson's regt. ; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 1, 1777, to Oct. 27, 1777; also, 1st Lieutenant, Capt. Samuel Carr's co., Col. Wesson's regt. ; return dated Jan. 25, 1778 ; reported wounded Oct. 7, 1777, died Oct. 27, 1777 ; also, list of officers belonging to 9th Mass. regt. who died or were discharged subsequent to Jan. 1, 1777, as certified by Col. J. Wesson, dated West Point, Sept. 12, 1779 ; reported killed Oct. 27, 1777.

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