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Dennis Holland-Navy-Civil War.

Dennis Holland.

Personal Information.
Place of Birth - Laurel Delaware.
Age - 24
Complexion - Negro
Occupation - Cook/Waiter/Mariner
Height - 5'8"

Naval Service.
Place of Enlistment - New York
Date of Enlistment - September 5, 1861
Term of Enlistment - 3
Rating - Landsman

Detailed Muster Records.
September 23, 1861 Stars and Stripes.
July 29, 1862 Stars and Stripes.
October 8, 1862 Stars and Stripes
December 31, 1862 Stars and Stripes
March 31, 1863 Stars and Stripes
June 30, 1863 Stars and Stripes
September 30, 1863 Stars and Stripes
December 31, 1863 Stars and Stripes
March 31, 1864 Stars and Stripes
June 30, 1864 Stars and Stripes
October 1, 1864 Stars and Stripes
December 15, 1864 Pontoosuc
January 1, 1865 Pontoosuc

He took part in the attack and capture of Roanoke island, North Carolina, February 7 and 8, 1862.

Of Roanoke Island, February 10, 1862.

Sir: In obedience to your order of this instant, I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by this vessel in the action of the 7th instant: At 12 o’clock m. I approached the shore as near as the circumstances would admit of. and opened fire with one 20-pounder Parrot and two 12-pounder rifle guns upon the rebel steamers, and with two 8-inch guns upon the battery on Pork Point, using shell with 10” and 1.5” fuses and hollow shot, many of the shell bursting in and over the fort; while the Parrott and rifle guns did good execution among the rebel steamers. The action was continued until 6 o’clock p. in., when, in obedience to signal, I ceased firing, and soon after anchored for the night. I kept my vessel in motion with great difficulty, owing to her great draught of water, and was aground twice during the engagement.

I have no casualties to report among the officers and crew, and no injuries to the vessel, except shooting away a brace, although at times the enemy’s shot and shell were passing near and over us. It affords me great pleasure to allude to the coolness and good conduct of the officers and men upon this occasion. I herewith enclose the gunner’s report of the expenditure of ammunition. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, R. WORDEN,
Lieutenant Commanding.

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