Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Need Information On Joseph Young.

This is all the information I have on Joseph Young. I would be very, very much interested in any information on him and especially about the murder. If you have any information you can find my address in my profile.

1819, A petition of Joseph Young, stating that, in 1813, he enlisted in the army for five years, and served till some time in the year 1815, when he procured a substitute, who served in his place till 10th March, 1816, when he was discharged, on the requisition of the civil authority, being charged with murder; by which the petitioner lost his right to bounty land, and praying for a grant of the said bounty land.

1822, A petition of Joseph Young, of the state of North Carolina, praying a grant of the bounty in land to which he conceives himself entitled in virtue of his enlistment as a soldier in the army, in the late war with Great Britain

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