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9th., New Jersey Infantry At Ranoke Island.

The battle of Ranoke Island, took place on February 8, 1862. This was a joint operation between the navy and the army. On the side of the navy there were many ships, and one was the United States Steamer HUNCHBACK, on board were troops of the New Jersey 9th., infantry. Three of these men were; Benjamin Clinton, company C., James Herbert company C., and Manning Lyons company E., two were wounded and one was killed.

After the battle Midshipman Benjamin H. Porter, give a report on the battle and what part the crew of the Hunchback, took, and that of the 9th., New Jersey. The following is that report.

Note.  To read the report just push on them.

Benjamin Clinton, Private, New Jersey 9th. Infantry, company C., enlisted Sept. 10, '61,Mustered in Sept. 20, '61, for 3 Yrs, Discharged at Newport Barracks, N. C., July 21, '62, Wounds received in action at Roanoke Island, N. C.

Manning Lyons, Private, New Jersey 9th., infantry company E., enlisted Sept. 20, '61, mustered in Sept. 20, '61, for 3 Yrs, discharged Dec. 7, '64.

James Herbert, Private, 9th., New Jersey,infantry,compamy C., enlisted Sept. 10, '61, mustered in Sept. 20, '61, for 3 Yrs. Killed in action at Roanoke Island, N. C., Feb. 8, '62.

Benjamin Clinton
Birth: Unknown.
Death: April 10, 1882.
Burial: Beverly National Cemetery, Beverly, Burlington County, New Jersey.

Civil War Union Soldier. He was enrolled in the 9th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry on September 10, 1861, and was mustered in as a Private in Company C on September 20, 1861. He was wounded in action on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, and was discharged due to disability from those wounds on July 21, 1862.

Manning Lyons
Birth: Unknown.
Death: 1922.
Burial: First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Succasunna, Morris County, New Jersey.

Civil War Union Army Soldier. Private of Company E, 9th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry.

No burial information was found for James Herbert.


Sandy said...

I found your article while looking for more information about the NJ 9th. My gr gr grandfather was in Co E. If you come across his name in any of your reasearch, please let me know. He was Pvt. Horace Havens. from what I can tell he was in service from Sep 1861 though Oct 1863. One record indicates he was disabled, but I don't know yet when or how. I'm just learning about this unit and found your post interesting.

Dennis Segelquist said...

All I could find was this.

Havens, Horace, Private, enlisted Sept. 20, '61, mustered in Sept. 20, '61, for 3, Years, Discharged at Newbern, N. C., May 29, '63 - Disability.

May have died, May 25, 1883, Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey

Ed said...

My g g g grandfather was David McCandless. He was from Elizabeth, NJ and was mustered in on Sept 30th, 1861 and mustered out on Dec 8th 1864 for the NJ 9th Co G. He went to war with his son Robert who also enrolled years later in NY and was one of the oldest living civil war veterans in NJ.

Dennis Segelquist said...

Ed, Thank you for the interesting information.
Here is some information others may be interested in.

David McCandless.
Birth: Unknown.
Death: February 20, 1907.
Burial: Evergreen Cemetery and Crematory, Hillside, Union County, New Jersey.

ElectricalInjury said...

I was aware of that Dennis but thank you!

JohnMuller said...

Hey Dennis. My father's father's father's father's father was in Company C of the 9th. Do you see anything about him in your research? His name was Charles Miller . Or in German, it was Karl Müller. He was a private.

Any pictures of the company/regiment? Karl is my only "father" who I don't have a picture of.

JohnMuller said...

Actually, I just checked and he was in Company A in the beginning, then wound up in Company C later.

Dennis Segelquist said...

John this is all I have on Charles Muller. There are no pitures, sorry.
Note. There was a Charles Miller, in Co. C., was received as a recruit in 1865, no other info.

Muller, Charles Private, Enrolled Sept. 13, 1861, Mustered Sept. 13, 1861 3 Yrs. Transferred to Co. A.

Muller, Charles Private Enrolled Sept. 13, 1861, Mustered Sept. 13, 1861 3 Yrs. July 12, 1865, Transferred from Co. M; re-enlisted Jan. 18, '64.

The following was taken from the regimental history of the ninth, N. J. Infantry.

Old Company M., New Company A.

Charles Muller re-elisted January 18, 1864, Germany, Transferred from Company A. Wounded in left arm and chest at Newbern, March 14, 1862.

Charles Muller, Company A., from Newark, went into the woods for pleasure, carrying a small wooden stick in his hand, when he came up with rebels standing under a tree, their loaded guns with equipments standing by their side at the tree; to secure the arms and to tell the men that they were his prisoners, was the work of a moment, and carrying the arms himself, with the men walking before him, Charles returned to camp, still with the wooden stick in his hand. He marched past the artillery and cavalry guards, and his arrival in the camp of the inth, caused much amusement among the men.