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The Sergeant.

All these men were Sergeants and were in some kind of battle or event.  I found these names by going through hundreds of reports. At the time of the reports all these men were Sergeants. After I found the names I looked them up on the rosters.  Now most of these rosters were recorded either after or before the battle or event, so many will have different ranks, but no matter what the rosters state all were Sergeants at the time of the battle or event.

The battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862.

New York, 57th., infantry.

1. First Sergeant Finlason, of Company F (killed.)
Frindlason, William H, Age 31, Enlisted July 22, '61, Sergeant, killed Sept. 17, '62.

2. First Sergt. John S. Paden, Company A (killed.)
Paden, John S., Age 23, Enlisted Aug. 20, '61, Sergeant, 1st Lieutenant, discharged for wounds Nov. 13, '63.

3. Sergeant Stubbe, Company A (wounded)
Stubbe, Nicholas, Age 25, Enlisted Oct. 16, '61, Corproal, 2d-lLieutenant Co D, Mustered out Sept. 23, '64.

4. First Sergeant Hall, Company I., Put in command of companies.
Hall, Wm. E., age 21, enlisted Aug. 14, '61, 1st-Lieutenant, Sergeant, Mustered out Aug 16, '64.

5. Alcoke, Company K., Put in command of companies.
Alcoke, Richard S., age 27, enlisted Nov. 20, '61, Sergeant, Captain, Mustered out Oct. 17, '64.

6. Kelly, Company A., (wounded.)
Kelly, Joseph, age 25, enlisted Aug. 20, '61, corporal.

7. Sergeant Brower, Company K., Put in command of companies.
Bower, Martin V. B , Age 20, Enlisted Aug. 29, '61, 2-Lieutenant, Mustered out Sept. 3, '64.

Farmington, Mo., April 4, 1865.

SIR: I have the honor to report the following information:

Yesterday about 9 o'clock a report was brought to me by citizens that Hilderbrand and his gang, numbering eight men in all, were at Hered's place, near Big River Mills, at daylight and took breakfast. On receiving this report I immediately sent out two details, one under Sergeant Hood, the other under Sergeant Cable, to intercept them. Sergeant Hood proceeded on the Potosi road about four miles, when he struck their trial on the Iron road. They were evidently making their way toward Dent's Station, Iron Mountain Railroad, but hearing of my men being in pursuit changed their course and struck south. Sergeant Hood followed the trial as best he could, now and then getting off the track as they traveled no plain roads, but took through thick woods and by-paths.

They had about fourteen led horses, according to citizens' reports. About two miles from this place they ran in and took out an old black men, and killed him about seven miles from town. They crossed the Pilot Knog plank road about five miles from here, and took six horses from teams on the road. My two details united about noon and followed the trial as far as Burnham's Mills, on the Blairsville road. The horses being so fatigued, having traveled some forty miles. Sergeant Hood thought it advisable not to pursue farther. I afterward learned that they passed on the west side of the Saint Francis River and probably about seven miles east of Pilot Knob, so on through what is called Flat Woods. I sent information by Captain Sanders yesterday to you, that you might telegraph to Fredericktown.
I have the honor to be, your, respectfully,

Private Hood John H. G. Berlin, Ill. Aug. 29, '61 Sept. 16, '61 Promoted Corporal October 5, 1861. Corporal Hood John H. G. Berlin, Ill. Aug. 29, '61 Sept. 6, '61 Promoted Sergeant February 22, 1863. Sergeant Hood John H. G. Berlin, Ill. Aug. 29, '61 Sept. 16, '61 Re-enlisted Veteran. First Sergeant Hood John H. G. Berlin, Iowa. Jan. 1, '64 Jan. 22, '64 Mustered out with regiment September 29, 1865.

Private Cable Benjamin C. Fort Scott, enlisted Dec. 28, '64, mustered in Jan. 6, '65, Promonted Sergeant. Sergeant Cable Benjamin C. Fort Scott Dec. 28, '64 Jan. 6, '65 Mustered out with regiment September 28, 1865.

Battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 1863.

121St., Pennsylvania, Infantry.

1. Henry H. Herpst Captain August 23, 1862 Promoted from 1st Sergeant to 1st Lt., January 21, 1863; to Captain, September 18, 1864; mustered out with Company, June 2, 1865

2. Chas. Winkworth Sergeant August 18, 1862 Discharged by General Order, date unknown

3. Robert F. Bates 1st Lt. August. 13, 1862 Promoted from Sergeant to 1st Lt., March 1, 1864; to Adjutant, August 17, 1864

4. William A. M'Coy 1st Sergeant August 8, 1862 Killed at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1, 1863

5. Joshua L. Childs 1st Lt. August 18, 1862 Promoted to 1st Sergeant, February 29, 1864; to 1st Lt., September 18, 1864; commissioned Captain, December 22, 1864, not mustered; mustered out with Company, June 2, 1865. (wounded who insisted on remaining with his company),

6. James Allen Captain August. 6, 1862 Promoted from 1st Lieut., August 5, 1864; mustered out with Company, June 2, 185

7. John McTaggart, Company unknown Sergeant.
Authors note. He could not be found on any rosters.

8. Charles Barlow Captain August 18, 1862 Discharged by Special Order, January 31, 1865

Report of Lieutenant John R. Kelso, Fourteenth Missouri Cavalry (Militia).
CAMP SCHOFIELD, MO., July 25, 1862.

Sergeant Baxter sent a messenger to me to let me know that he had discovered Lofton and his gang and wished more men, Lofton's force being superior to his own. This messenger did not reach me until I had arrived in camp and given up my command. I therefore sent an order for him to come in immediately. He obeyed promptly, traveling all night. He reports a skirmish with some notorious bushwhackers, with whom I am well acquainted and whom he found in arms. He killed one by the name of Arnold; another by the name of Greene was taken prisoner, but broke away and made his escape, badly wounded, it is thought, as he was seen to fall forward at three different shots. Greene's escape is quite unfortunate, as he is a notorious horse-thief as well as rebel, and has broken from prison twice and made his escape. One other prisoner (Isham Case) made his escape. Two others were brought, and I have just sent them to the provost-marshal. These make 28 that we have brought to Springfield. Some of these are dangerous and bad men, and would be no discredit to the Alton prison.

John M. Baxter, Sergeant, 14th., Missouri Cavalry Militia, company H., enlisted March 24, 1861, Springfield Mo., mustered in same place, on muster roll October 31, 1862.


A interesting side note, Joseph C. Powell, private in Company H, Accidentally shot himself through the left hand, inflicting a dangerous wound.

NEAR GETTYSBURG, PA., July 5, 1863.

Ohio 8th., Volunteer Infantry.

1. Color Sergeant, James Conlan, Co. B.
2. Color Sergeant, Romeo Foster, Co. E.
Authors note. Could not find any rosters.

HDQRS. SEVENTH Regiment CONNECTICUT VOLUNTEERS, Bermuda Hundred, Va., May 17, 1864.

LIEUTENANT: I have the honor to report the part taken by my command in the actions of May 12,13, and 14:

First Sergeant English and Sergeant Ripley, of Company H, and First Sergeant Keys, Company A, behaved with great gallantry. Sergeant English had been hit in the foot, which made him quite lame, but he persisted in moving forward.

William S. English, Co. H., Charles H. Ripley, Co. H., David D. Keys, Co. A.

Number 35. Report of Colonel Hamilton N. Eldridge, one hundred and twenty seventh Illinois Infantry. HDQRS. 127TH REGIMENT ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS INFANTRY, Chickasaw Bayou, MISS. May 25, 1863.

Among the killed I have to regret the loss of First Lieutenant Hiram McClinton, of Company H, a brave and meritorious officer, who man killed about 2,30 o'clock in the afternoon, and Sergeant Curran, of Company E, a young man of great promise, and one of the most competent non-commissioned officers in the regiment. First Sergeant Newby, of Company H. Has since died of his wounds, another brave and excellent officer. Captain J. S. Riddle, of Company G; First Sergeant Mason, of Company B; First Sergeant Douglass, company I, and Color-Sergt. F. S. Shemmerhorn are among the wounded.

1. Jesse Curran, Co. E., Was not found on any rosters.

2. F. S. Shemmerthorn Co. ?, Was not found on any rosters.

3. Henry Newby, Co. H., KILLED IN BATTLE AT VICKSBURG MISS MAY 19, 1863.

4. Harvey L. Mason, Co. B., PROMOTED SERGEANT, 1SGT, 2LT & 1LT WOUNDED MAY 19, 1863.


Numbers 3. Report of Captain Charles Chauncey, Second Pennsylvania Cavalry.
DECEMBER 31, 1862.

I would mention as worthy special notice, Sergeant Merket, Company K, Sergeant Benedict, Company L, and Sergt. Ezra Witmer, Company D. Sergeant Merket, with great gallantry, assisted in rallying and forming the men, till his horse fell and he was captured. Sergeant Benedict commanded the pickets at the ferry, and with his small force held it till the enemy crossed the ford. A call was made for volunteers to defend the ford, and Sergt. Ezra Witmer was the first to offer. I regret to say that he was taken prisoner.

1. Witman, Ezra Private, 2nd., Pennsylvania, Cavalry, Co. D., mustered in October 17, 1861, 3 years, Commissioned 2d Lt., July 1, 1863; not mustered.

2. Benedict, George H. Private, 2nd., Pennsylvania, Cavalry, Co. L., mustered in October 19, 1861 Not accounted for.

3. Murket or Merket, John Private, 2nd., Pennsylvania, Cavalry, Co. K., mustered in December 17, 1861, Not accounted for.

State of Ohio, 7th day of December, 1863.

Jesse W. Moon, who, being by me duly sworn, deposes and says that he is a sergeant of Company F of the Eighty-eighth Regiment of Ohio Volunteer Infantry; that about the 3rd or 4th day of November last past, as near as this deponent can remember, he was sent by the order of General Mason, through Major Skiles, to the Ohio penitentiary to act as steward to the rebel prisoners confined therein.

STATE OF OHIO, County of Franklin, 7th day of December, 1863.

I certify that on this 7th day of December, 1863, personally appeared before me, Frederick J. Fay, a notary public in and for said county and State, John A. Gonce, who, being by me duly sworn, deposes and says that the is a sergeant of Company C of the Ninth Regiment of Michigan Volunteer Infantry; that about the 1st of October last this deponent was sent by the verbal order of Major Skiles to take charge of the outside guard at the Ohio penitentiary, said other order being given to this deponent through Sergeant Horne. Deponent never received any instructions in writing. Sergeant Lewis, who preceded this deponent, gave deponent the orders verbally, which were in force, and related to the positing of the guard. Deponent had at that time nothing to do with the inside of said penitentiary. About the 1st of November last deponent was placed in charge of the whole guard of said penitentiary, and has been acting in that capacity since that time, and posted the guard

Note. At the time of enlistment, Gonce, John A., Murfreeboro, Tn. age 18.

No. 16. Report of Lieutenant William W. Carruth, Sixth Battery Massachusetts Light Artillery.
BATON ROUGE, LA., August 6, 1862.

I desire to make mention of the following names for especial bravery, gallantry, and good conduct: Second Orderly Sergeant Baker; Sergeant Watcher and Acting Quartermaster-Sergeant Hinneman was faithful in the discharge of their duties of their departments removing the dead and wounded and bringing rations and water to our exhausted men.

1. John Bardisk Hinneman.
2. John A Baker.
Author note. Found no record of a Sergeant Watcher.

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