Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Captain James Purivs Virginia.

Captain James Purivs.

Place of residence: Loudoun County.

Purvis, James (Va). Sergeant 1st Virginia, September, 1775; Ensign, — April, 1777; resigned — February, 1778; Lieutenant Virginia Convention Guards, January, 1779; Captain. 8th October, 1779, and served to June 1781.

1778. Capt. James Purvis' Company guarding prisoners at Albemarle Barracks, 249, 148.

His Land Warrant and Survies, Kentucky.

Here is a Bill from Congress, 1832-1860.
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Mr. Armstrong presented a petition of James Reilly, executor of James Purvis, deceased, praying that the benefits of the act of the 5th July, 1832, "to provide for liquidating and paying certain claims of the State of Virginia," may be extended to the estate of the said Purvis; which petition was referred to the committee appointed on the memorial of the Rhode Island brigade of the revolutionary army.

Note. This Bill started in 1832 and by 1860, it still hadn't passed both Houses.

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