Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dr. D. M. Wright Kills Lieutenant A. L. Sanborn

I would like to put first names with these men, so I can learn more about them. If you know of this event I would like to hear from you.

Dr. D. M. Wright, was tried in Norfolk in July of last for the murder of Second Lieutenant A. L. Sanborn, First U. S. Colored Volunteers.

Second Lieutenant A. L. Sanborn, was marching his company of colored troops along the sidewalk of the main street of Norfolk. As they approached, the accused, who was standing in front of a store, is stated by one of the witnesses to have addressed a remark to the deceased in which the word "cowardly" was audible. Other witnesses heard this word, but could not swear that it was spoken by the accused. The deceased is testified to have thereupon halted his company and sent off two of his men in the direction of the provost-marshal for a provost-guard. The accused and the deceased then exchanged a few words, which were inaudible to any witness, whereupon the former produced a pistol and fired one shot at the deceased, closely following it with a second. The two then engaged in a brief struggle, apparently for the possession of the pistol, and were borne into the store, where the deceased presently fell and died from the effect of his wounds.

Authors note. After a lot of legal talk it came down to this; "The crime will stand in the record as a homicide committed without just cause or provocation, as an undefended assassination, and therefore fully meriting the sentence imposed by the court."

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