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The Bedinger Men.

Bedinger, Daniel (Va). 1st Lieutenant 11th Virginia, 14th November, 1776; taken prisoner at Brandywine 11th September, 1777; Regiment designated 7th Virginia, 14th September, 1778, but does not appear to have rejoined the Regiment. (Died 1818.)

Daniel received 5, bounty warrants and 2, war warrants.

Bedinger, Daniel (Va). Ensign 4th Virginia, 7th May, 1782, to close of war.

Bedinger, George Michael (Va). Served as a Captain of a Virginia Rifle
Company, July, 1775. to , 1781; Major of a Militia Regiment at the battle of Blue Licks, 19th August, 1782; Major of the Levies in 1791; Major of Infantry United States Army, 11th March, 1792: assigned to 3d Sub-Legion 4th September, 1792; resigned 28th February, 1793. (Died 7th December, 1843.)

George M. Bedinger, Kentucky, was given a pension of five months as a Captain and fifteen months as a private.

George M. Bedinger, served as Captain and Indian spy at Boonsboro, Maryland from 1775-1781.

Bedinger, Henry (Va). Served as a Private and Sergeant in Hugh Stephenson's Company of Virginia Riflemen, July to October, 1775; 2d Lieutenant of Shepherd's Virginia Rifle Company, 25th July, 1776; 2d Lieutenant, 11th Virginia, 13th November, 1776; taken prisoner at Fort Washington, 16th November, 1776; was not exchanged until 25th October, 1780; promoted 1st Lieutenant, 23d September, 1777; transferred to 7th Virginia, 14th September, 1778; transferred to 3d Virginia, 12th February, 1781; Captain, 21st May, 1781, and served to close of war.


Captain Henry Bedinger, of the Virginia Line, entered the service in June 1775, in Captain Hugh Stephenson’s company of the Rifleman, and was appointed Sergeant before he left the recruiting rendezvous at Shepherdstown, Virginia. He marched with his company to the siege of Boston and served till his company was discharged, in June 1776. He was, July 9, 1776 made a Lieutenant in Captain Abraham Shepherd’s company, in Colonel Hugh Stephenson, died, and Colonel MosesRawlings assumed the command of regiment. Captain Bedinger was with his regiment at the defense of Fort Washington, November 16, 1776. He was captured and detained a prisoner of war “Four years want sixteen days.” He servied is accredited to the end of the war and received a pension Berkeley Virginia, under May 15, 1728, as a Captain to which he had been promoted while a prisoner.

Henry received 4, bounty warrants and 2, war warrants.

Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements.

Pension application of Henry Bedinger S8059
Transcribed by Will Graves.

[State of Virginia, Jefferson County]

For the purpose of obtaining the benefit of an act entitled “An Act for the relief of certain Surviving Officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Revolution” approved on the 15th day of May 1828 – I, Henry Bedinger of the County of Berkeley in the State of Virginia, do hereby declare, that I was an Officer of the Continental line of the Army of the Revolution and served as such in the end of the war, at which period I was a Captain in the fifth Regiment of the Virginia line – And I do also declare that I afterwards received certificates (commonly called commution Certificates) for a sum equal to the Amount of five years full pay, which sum was offered by the resolve of the 22nd of March 1783 instead of half pay for life, to which I was entitled under the resolve of the 25th October 1780 – Witness my
hand this third day of June 1828.
S/ Henry Bedinger

Side note. In the civil war there were seven Bedinger’s in the Confederate Army, and seventeen in the Union Army.

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