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George W. Campbell & L. W. Little, Delaware Ohio.

Statement of George W. Campbell of Delaware.

My brother-in-law, Lieutenant L. W. Little, of the Fourth Kentucky Cavalry, was captured near Millen, Georgia, during “Sherman’s March.” His capturer, a rebel, Captain Robinson, put a pistol against his forehead and discharged it, tearing away the outer portion of his skull, forming the eye-socket, destroying his left eye and at the same time blinding his right. Finding him still alive, Robinson ordered his men to lead him to the road-side and dispatch him. They took him aside and shot him, but only inflicted a slight wound in his side. At that moment an officer rode up and asked what they were doing. Robinson replied. “We have got a damned Kentucky traitor and are going to kill him. This officer ordered him put into the stockade prison.

He never received any surgical attendance from them. For refusing to answer questions as to Sherman’s movements he was afterwards placed in Irons and fed upon corn-grits, of which he was allowed one pint per day.

When taken he had $600, with him, his own back pay and that of a comrade. This was taken from, him, and he was also robbed of his watch and clothing. They did not even leave him a comb or a tooth-brush.

When he was released he had a ragged shirt, pair of pants, and a hat without a crown, which had been given him by a negro. In this state, emaciated, starved, and in a condition, personally, too revolting to mention, he arrived at Annapolis. His stomach had become so weak and deranged from the vile treatment he had received, that he could bear no food upon it, although he was famishing with hunger. Careful and attentive nursing restored him to partial health, but he never fully recovered being subject to severe attacks, of illness such as he had when he first arrived home, and finally died suddenly after a few hour’s of illness.

George W. Campbell, Delaware, Ohio, November 8, 1867.

Authors note. In the beginning Mr. Campbell stated that L. W. Little, was in the Fourth Kentucky Cavalry. On researching I found there was no L. W. Little, in the Fourth, on further research I found that there was a Lieutenant Louis W. Little in the Second Kentucky Cavalry, companies L. & C. I believe this is the right one. He also had a alternate name, Lewis W. Little or Lewis Little.

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