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John Brent Fishback.

John Brent Fishback, was born on December 14, 1841, to William Norval Fishback and Harriet McClary, in Garrard county Kentucky. Later in life he would marry Mary Bulkey, on November 11, 1868. Later he would marry his second wife Margaret Mitchell Ballard on March 29, 1898 or 99. There was no record found on any children to these unions. John Brent Fishback, would die some time after 1909, at Winfield Kansas iin the county of Cowley.

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When the war of the rebellion started he enlisted into the First Kentucky Cavalry, company L. His service would run from 1861 through 1864. While in the cavalry he would have many adventures and come close to death many times. The First Kentucky was in many encounters and these encounters can be read in the regimental history, a book written by Sergeant E. Tarrant, called; The Wild Riders of the First Kentucky Cavalry.

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Page 175.

After the mortal wound of Carter, Captain J. B. Fishback assumed command of the First Kentucky detacnment, and fought Morgan's forces for some time, when finding his little force about to be surrounded, he, with marked skill and bravery, withdrew his command and retreated his regiment at Jamestown, without sacrifieing a man on his retreat.

Company L.

This company was enlisted and organized at Somerset, Polaski, county Kentucky, September 11, 1861, arrived at camp Dick Robinson, September 13, 1861, and was muster into service October 28, 1861. The regiment would be muster out on December 31, 1864.

The service record of John Brent Fishback.

He enlisted September 11, 1861, he entered the service as a First Sergeant, was promoted to First Lieutenant on March 3, 1862. He was promoted to Captain July 31, 1862. He command the regiment after the death of General Sanders, November 18, 1863. He commanded until the cavalry was reorganized in Kenyucky in the spring of 1864. He resigned on June 14, 1864.

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