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The Waterman's In War-1776-1865.

I will be covering the three major wars but it will be impossible to find all the names, but with luck you may find your ancestor on this page.

Revolutionary War.

1. Waterman, Andrew (Conn). Captain in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775: Captain of Wadsworth's Connecticut State Regiment, June to December, 1776.

2. Waterman, Asa (N. Y.l. Lieutenant Colonel New York Militia, 1775-1779. (Died 1817.)

3. Waterman, Jedediah (Mass). Ensign 8th Massachusetts 1st January', 1781; transferred to 3d Massachusetts. 12th Tune, 1783. and served to November, 1783. (Died 25th September. 1828.)

4. Waterman, Jedediah (Conn). Lieutenant in the Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; 1st Lieutenant 3d Connecticut, 1st May to 10th December. 1775; Captain 20th Continental Infantry'. 1st January to 31st December, 1776.

5. Waterman, John (Conn). Quartermaster-Sergeant 3d Connecticut, 3d May to 10th December, 1775; 2d Lieutenant 20th Continental Infantry, 1st January to 31st December, 1776; 1st Lieutenant 4th Connecticut, 1st January, 1777; dismissed 24th July, 1777.

6. Waterman, John (Conn). Ensign of Elmore's Continental Regiment. 15th April, 1776, to April, 1777. (Died 16th December, 1825.)

7. Waterman, John (R. I.). Colonel Rhode Island "Militia, 1776-1777. (Died 1812.)

8. Waterman, John (R. I.). Regimental Quartermaster 2d Rhode Island 11th February, 1777; died 20th April, 1778.

9. Waterman, Luther L. (ConnT. Surgeon 25th Continental Infantry, 14th March to 31st December, 1776; Surgeon of Webb's Continental Regiment. 1st Tanuarv, 1777; resigned 30th Marca, 1778.

10. Waterman, Thomas (R. I.). Colonel Rhode Island Militia, 1776-1777.

11. Waterman, Thomas (R. I.). Ensign 2d Rhode Island, 1st January, 1777; 2d Lieutenant, 11th February-. 1777: Regimental Adjutant. 10th August, 1777: resigned 30th August. 1779. (Died 1807.)

Marine Corps.

William Waterman, Lieutenant.

State of Connecticut.

Note. The next names is mostly just that, but the main thing is to learn that your ancestor was indeed in the war.

1. Clift Waterman, Captain.

2. Nehemiah Waterman Jr., To be Captain of the sixth company or trainband in the 20th., regiment of this colony.

3. Ezekiel Waterman, First Lieutenant.

4. Andrew Waterman, Captain.

5. Asa Waterman Jr. ?.

6. Flavius Waterman, Lieutenant.

7. Zebulon Waterman, of Colchester.

8. Darivs Waterman, Lieutenant to Second Lieutenant.

9. Captain Sylvanus Waterman, to go to Jamaica to transact his business as a merchant.

10. Nehemiah Waterman Jr.,Captain.

11. Robert Waterman, to be Ensign of the fourth company or trainband in the 23rd., regiment of this state.

State of Massachusetts.

1. Waterman, Abijah, W^aldoborough. Recommendation dated St. Georges, June 4, 1776, signed by Col. Mason Wheaton and others, field officers of 4th regt. of militia, recommending said Waterman for Adjutant in said regiment, and requesting that he be commissioned ; also, official record of a ballot by the House of Representatives, dated July 12, 1776 ; said Waterman chosen Adjuant, 4th Lincoln Co. regt. of Mass. militia: appointment concurred in by Council July 12, 1776 ; reported commissioned July 12, 1776.

2. Waterman, Adonijah. Private, Capt. William Francis's co., Maj. Caleb Hyde's detachment of militia ; entered service July 8, 1777 ; discharged July 26, 1777 ; service, 19 days, in Northern department ; also, list of men who marched from Pittsfield to Fort Edward July 8, 1777, under command of Capt. William Francis, and were dismissed Aug. 26, 1777; service, 7 weeks; also, list of mounted men who marched from Pittsfield to Skeensborough Sept. 6, 1777, under command of Capt. John Strong, and were dismissed Oct. 1, 1777 ; service, 3 weeks 5 days ; also. Private, Capt. John Strong's co.. Col. John Brown's (Berk.shire Co.) regt.; entered service Sept. 6, 1777; discharged Oct. 2, 1777; service, 26 days, in Northern department.

3. Waterman, Anthony, Scituate. Ensign, Capt. Galen Clapp's (2d Scituate) co. of militia. Col. Anthony Thomas's regt., which marched in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775 ; entered service April 19, 1775 ; service, 4 days ; also, 1st Lieutenant, Capt. Joseph Stetson's 12th (Scituate) co., 2d Plymoutli Co. regt. Of Mass. militia ; list of officers cho.sen by the several companies in said regiment, as returned by John Gushing, Jr., and others, dated Hanover, May 8, 1776; ordered in Council May 10, 1776, that said officers be commissioned; reported commissioned May 10, 1776; also, Lieutenant, in command of a company. Col. John Cushing's regt.; service, 15 days; company marched to Bristol, R. I.,
Dec. 10, 1776, on an alarm.

4. Waterman, Anthony. Private, Capt. Amos Turner's co.. Col. John Jacobs's regt. ; enlisted July 22, 1780 ; discharged Oct. 30, 1780 ; service, 3 mos. 12 days, including 3 days (60 miles) travel home ; regiment raised in Plymouth Co. to reinforce Continental Army for 3 months.

5.Waterman, AsA. Private, Capt. John Turner's co.. Col. Eleazer Brooks's regt. of guards; joined Nov. 6, 1777; service to April 3, 1778, 4 mos. 27 days, at Cambridge.

6. Waterman, Banister, Sturbridge (also given Charlton). Private, Capt. Samuel Curtis's CO., Col. Ebenezer Learned's (4th) regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775 ; enlisted May 8, 1775 ; service, 3 mos. 1 day ; also, company return dated Roxbury, Oct. 7, 1775 ; reported as having gone to Quebec.

Note. I had to stop here as I found that Waternam was spelled to many different ways to put them all here. However if you had a ancestor in the Mass., regiments and falls under the following Surnames I will be glad to look for you. The names are; Waterman,Wartarmon, Warteman, Warterman, Watermon, Watermun, Watterman, Worterman.

State of Pennsylvania.

1. Baldwin Waterman, private, January 7, 1777, Captain Durkee's compamny.

2. Flavius Waterman, killed at the massacre of Wyoming July 3, 1778.

3. Ebenezer Waterman, Invalid regiment commanded by Colonel Lewis Nichola, discharged April 1783.

4. Joseph Waterman, Private.

5. Colonel John Waterman.

State of Rhode Island.

Note. Once again this is a list mostly of names. The Rhode Island records are hard to work. Many of these names will have add information.

1. Elisha Waterman, Cumberland, deputie.

2. Thomas Waterman, Ensign.

3. Laban Waterman, Second Lieutenant of Captain Asa Kimball's company.

4. John Waterman, Business man.

5. Andrew Waterman, Captain.

6. William Waterman, Business.

7. James Waterman, Boardind nine prisoners.

8. Asa Waterman, Deputy Commissary, Captain.

9. Zuriel Waterman, private.

10. Nathan Waterman, Fifer.

State of Vermont.

Note. All these names will have more information.

1. Danial Waterman.
2. Elisha Waterman.
3. James Waterman.
4. Levi Waterman.
5. Hennen waterman.

State of Virginia.

Note.These names will have more information.

1. Jemima Waterman.
2. Bibee, William Waterman.

War Of 1812.

Massachusetts Volunteer Militia.

Note. The information on the following names will be; Rank, Company, Regiment, Date of services and where the regiment served.

1. Benson waterman
2. Daniel Waterman.
3. Jabez Waterman.
4. John Waterman.
5. Joseph Waterman.
6. Joseph Jr., Waterman.
7. Joseph S. Waterman.
8. Levi Waterman.
9. Martin Waterman.
10. Noah Waterman.
11. Noah Jr., Waterman.
12. Otis Waterman.
13. Thomas Waterman.
14. Townsend Waterman.
15. William Waterman.

State of Kentucky.

1. Jonathan Waterman, private, enlisted September 20, 1814, Kentucky Mounted Volunteers Infantry, Captain James Sympson's company.

2. Luke Waterman, private, appointment January 1, 1814, enlisted June 30, 1814, Seventh regiment United States Infantry, Captain Alexander White's company.

State of Pennsylvania.

1. Isaac Waterman, 5th., Class, 56th., regiment Infantry, Absent.

Civil War.

Note. There are just to many names to put their information here. I will have information on all these men, in the following state. You can write me for their info.

State of Illinois.

1.Waterman, Adrian, Union, 154th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

2. Waterman, Ajba N., Union, 100th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

3. Waterman, Alfred, Union, 105th Regiment, Illinois Infantry

4. Waterman, Almeron, Union, 47th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

5. Waterman, Almeron, Union, Unassigned Illinois Volunteers.

6. Waterman, Clark, Union, 95th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

7. Waterman, Collins P., Union, 77th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

8. Waterman, Daniel B., Union, 76th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

9. Waterman, David, Union, 9th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry.

10. Waterman, Ernest, Union, 144th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (1 year, 1864-65).

11. Waterman, Evan M., Union, 124th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

12. Waterman, George A., Union, 115th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

13. Waterman, George I., Union, 51st Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

14. Waterman, Henry, Union, 125th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

15. Waterman, Henry B., Union, 134th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (100 days, 1864).

16. Waterman, Henry J., Union, 144th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (1 year, 1864-65).

17. Waterman, Hiram A., Union, 141st Regiment, Illinois Infantry (100 days, 1864).

18. Waterman, James, Union, 112th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

19. Waterman, John, Union, 8th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

20. Waterman, John C., Union, 113th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

21. Waterman, John G., Union, 19th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

22. Waterman, John R., Union, 59th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

23. Waterman, Lawrence B., Union, 16th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry.

24. Waterman, Levi, Union, 95th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

25. Waterman, Matthew N., Union, 44th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

26. Waterman, Matthew V., Union, 44th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

27. Waterman, N.W., Union, 5th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry.

28. Waterman, Theodore, Union, 125th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

29. Waterman, William J., Union, 13th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry.

30. Waterman, William S., Union, 36th Regiment, Illinois Infantry.

State of Indiana.

1. Waterman, Benjamin, Union, 30th Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

2. Waterman, Henry, Union, 101st Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

3. Waterman, Isaac, Union, 6th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery.

4. Waterman, James F., Union, 155th Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

5. Waterman, John, Union, 12th Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

6. Waterman, Josiah C., Union, 9th Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

7. Waterman, Luther D., Union, 8th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry.

8. Waterman, Milo, Union, 115th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (6 months, 1863-4).

9. Waterman, Milo H., Union, 149th Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

10. Waterman, Moses, Union, 11th Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

11. Waterman, Richard J., Union, 12th Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

12. Waterman, Richard M., Union, 31st Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

13. Waterman, Robert H., Union, 31st Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

14. Waterman, Solomon, Union,7th Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

15. Waterman, Solomon, Union, 7th Regiment, Indiana Infantry.

16. Waterman, William T., Union, 1st Regiment, Indiana Heavy Artillery.

17. Waterman, Wilson, Union, 132nd Regiment, Indiana Infantry (100 days, 1864).

State of Kansas.

1. Waterman, Bruce, Union, 19th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry (6 months).

Authors note.  If you find a name of interest on this page and you would like to know more. Please state full name State and War. You can write to me at the following;

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