Thursday, December 22, 2011

William Henry Talbot Walker

William Henry Talbot Walker,Born in Decatur, Ga., 1816. Appointed from Georgia May 25, 1861, to rank same date; comfirmed August 28, 1861; Resigned October 29, 1861; Reappointed March 2, 1863, to rank from February 9, 1863; confirmed March 2, 1863; Promoted to be Major General, Provisional Army, June 27, 1863; to rank from May 23, 1863. Killed near Atlanta Ga., July 22, 1864.

Birth: Nov. 26, 1816.
Death: Jul. 22, 1864.

Civil War Confederate Army Major General. He was killed during the July 1864 Battle of Atlanta. He is buried in a family cemetery now on the grounds of Augusta College. The cemetery is normally kept locked. A mortuary cannon was erected on the spot where he fell, and is located today on the northbound side of Glenwood Avenue in Atlanta.
Burial: Walker Family Cemetery, Augusta, Richmond County Georgia.

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