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Florance Lombard And His Family Lines.

Around seven years ago, I put up a post at Roots-Web, and then foregot about it, then last week I got a letter from a Mrs. Kikki Lombard, stating that Florance Lombard was a male and not a female as I had stated.  It seems this erorr happened a lot in some records he's listed as Male while others its Female.  Well I got interseted and asked a few questions and received a lot of information on him.  I thought that maybe some of my readers would be interest as will.  If he's a ancestor or a name of interest and you would like to ask a question or have information to give to Mrs. Kikki Lombard, she can be reached at the following She will be glad to hear from one and all.
This information will be in the form of questions and answers.

Question: I was unable to find the post, so I can't say one way or another. Could you send me a link to the post?

Answer: I was just scrolling through the Lombard Message Board to see if there were any new postings of interest. I just thought it was interesting that anybody had noticed Florence. I had seen the 1880 census listed for Florence Lombard and also thought it was unusual for a female to be in the Army. I later found other census and military records that verify he was a male. I find him interesting becasue he was one of many children that my grandfather's parents had between them - three different batches, of which my grandfather was the youngest. His father died when he was about 4 or 5 and he was farmed out to relatives, then lived with his mother and stepfather in Wisconsin, and just before his mother gave birth to a fifth half sibling to join his full and other half siblings, he joined the army. I can't say that I blame him.

Question: Yes I remember the post now, I was looking for some military men and ran a cross the Fort Clark listings. I find you info interesting If I could find enough info I may do a page on him. Do you know the names of his mother and father?, it would help in my search.

Answer: Oh, Florence is very interesting. He was the son of Daniel Lombard, born sometime between 1810-1814, reportedly in Hampden County MA, but no birth record has been found. Florence's mother was Emily Alwilda Page, born about 1832 in Oswego County NY.

Daniel Lombard, a mason, joined the Army during the Mexican American War, but was discharged due to an injury (non combat) and was granted a pension. Probably soon after his discharge, he married Emily. I think he was married before. In the 1850 census for Port Washington, Washington County. Wisconsin, Daniel appears for the first time as head of household, age 40, with his wife Emily and an infant daughter Mary. At some point after that, they moved to Chicago, Ill where Daniel was a policeman. That is where Florence was born about 1855. The family then moved to Viroqua, Bad Ax County (later Vernon County) Wisconsin. The 1860 census shows Daniel him as head of household, a mason, with wife Emelia, and children Mary, Florence and Alta (Altha). Florence is again shown as a female. Also living in the household was Lawrence Page, Emily's brother, who later joined the Union Army in the Civil War and died of illness. Many sources show that Daniel Lombard died on Sept 15, 1860, presumably in Viroqua, but no source has been quoted and no cemetery record or obituary has been found. Apparently his widow had another baby in January 1861 and placed him with another family and returned to New York. In 1865, Florance, a male, was living in Albion, Oswego County, with his father's brother, Abial Lombard; Albert Lombard, who was maybe Abial's adopted son but was really Abial's daughter's son, born out of wedlock; and other children of Abial's daughter. Florence was 9 years old (1865).

Probably while in New York, Emily married Welcome Ballou Lombard (my great grandfather), son of Abial Lombard and nephew of Daniel Lombard, and a widower with six children. They all moved to Vernon County, Wisconsin by 1870. Welcome and Emily had at least 5 move children, maybe 6. Living in the household in 1870 were Welcome, Emily, three of Welcome's children from 1st marriage, three of their children together, and Florence, a male. One of his full sisters was living nearby with her husband and the other full sister.

So, according to military records I found on, Florence D. Lombard joined the Army in May 1874 at Fort Snelling, MN. and was discharged after his 3 year enlistment ended. Then he Apparently re enlisted right away for a 5 year period, but is shown as having deserted as of June 1882. It's not clear weather his unit was still in TX.

That was the last I found on Florence until just a couple of months ago. Over a period of years, I had searched for what had happened to Florence's sister, Altha Imogene, and her daughter, Edith. I found a few years ago that Altha died in Washington State, but could find no record of Edith. Eventually, I did, and was able to track her through the years and found a granddaughter still living in Washington. I contacted her and she sent me copies of letters of pictures and letters her grandmother had given her. One picture is of "Daniel Lombard" dated 1898. He was on a horse in a sort of town with a few kind of run down buildings.This was clearly not Florence's father Daniel, and I know of no other Daniel closely related to this group. One of the letters I received a copy of was from 1918 from a woman named Lucy in Rio Grande TX and was addressed to Florence's sister, Altha, and started with "Dear Sister". She says in the letter that Altha had asked how old the children were - the writer says Renie is 21, Daniel 19. She added that Rosa and her children Margaret and Raul live with her and that Mary's daughter Hortensia also lives with her. She asks Altha to send her the picture of "Mr. Craig" with two other men standing in front of a little meat market. The letter is signed "your loving sister, Lucy". Well, there was no Lucy in this family. So I took a look at 1910 and 1920 census records for Rio Grande TX , and strangely enough, I found in 1910, Eulogia V. de Craig (V for her maiden name Vasquez), a widow, with her children Rufina and Daniel, Rosa C. de Hernandez, and grandchildren Margarita and Raul, and Mary C. de Barvosa and Santos Barvosa and their daughter Ortensia. Interestingly, the birthplace of the father of Rufina, Daniel, Rosa and Mary was Illinois, as was Florence Lombard. In 1920, Lucy Craig, widow, was living with Daniel, Irene (Rufina or Renie), Margarita, Raul and Hortensia. In this census, the father of Daniel and Irene is shown as born in Wisconsin, which isn't too far off.

After a bit, I found that Daniel Craig enlisted in the Army in 1886 at Fort Snelling MN for 5 years. He was discharged in 1891 and re-enlisted the same year at Ft Sam Houston TX for 5 years. I believe he re enlisted in 1896.He re enlisted in 1902 at Ft McIntosh TX for 3 years. He was discharged in 1905. He reenlisted in 1905 in the Phillipines for 4 years, but died in 1906 at Ft Chickamauga GA. He is buried at Chattanooga TN. In the 1900 census, he is listed as being in the Phillipines, a wagon master, born March 1855 Illinois, father born Mass, Mother born NY. He is listed as single.

Lucy Craig appears in the 1900 census in Rio Grande Tx as Eulodia Vasquez, a widow, living with children Rosa born 1882, Mary born 1884, Rinie born 1892, and Daniel born 1894.

I was later able to find death records online for Rosa Hernandez, daughter of Daniel Craig and Eulogia Vasquez d. 1918, Irene Craig daughter of Daniel Craig and Eulogia Vasquez, died1929, Daniel Craig jr, son of Daniel Craig and Eulogia Vasquez, died in 1950. Eulogia Vasquez de Craig, or whatever her name really was, died in 1924, but her death certificate shows her as Eulogia de Cremar. Apparently she was previously married to or had other children with a man named William Cremar. Whether she was really ever married to Daniel Craig who must have been Florence Lombard is unknown. However every bit of information I can find suggests Florence Lombard morphed into Daniel Craig and fathered at least 4 children with Eulogia Vasquez. This is undoubtedly a story that I will never know the truth of. Somehow, Eulogia felt free to refer to Altha Imogene (Lombard) Cole as "sister" and talks about children of Daniel Craig and asks for a picture of Mr. Craig. Altha apparently had a picture of Mr. Craig which is labeled "Daniel Lombard 1898." Yes - this is an interesting family, without end.

Question: There is no question I had ask her If I could put up the information and sent her to my web site to look it over and she sent a answer back.

Answer: Looks interesting ! Sure - it's ok with me to submit the story, such as it is, of Florence Lombard/Daniel Craig. By the way, I did find two family trees on public member trees that show this person as Daniel Lombard Craig and his "wife" as Eustolia Krammer .That tree reflects on lt one of their children, Mary who married Santos Babosa Garza aka Santos G. Barbosa. Mary died in 1910, leaving her little girl, Hortensia to be raised by Eulogia/Lucy. Hortensia apparently married a man named Domingo Ramirez and had three children, two of whom have passed away and the others remain unnamed. I contacted the "owner" of one of those two trees who responded that she didn't know what I was talking about (a person in your tree !) The other person has not been "viewed" the public member tree for over a year which suggests to me the person is probably not a member of ancestry at this time, which means they will not get my contact message. But I'll keep trying.

Another note about this family - Florence had another uncle -DeWitt Clinton Page who married Welcome Lombard's sister Ruth and they had four children in the 1850s-early 1860s. DeWitt joined the Union Army in New York, left and then rejoined in Wisconsin toward the end of the war. Records indicate he committed suicide in a temporary fit of insanity (how do they know if it was temporary?) but I came across a post on some website for a different Wisconsin County that says later research indicates he was actually murdered in a case of mistaken identity, but they were attributing this story to the wrong DeWitt Page. In any case, another Page sibling, Caroline, and her husband Peter Mellen, became the guardians for the children.

By the way, my daughter wrote a paper on Cherokees in the Civil War while attending University of California San Diego, Warren College in the 1990s. She was a computer science major with a minor in linguistics, but she was admitted as a Warren Scholar, which was an honors program which required the student to fulfill certain requirements by graduation ,including writing a paper unrelated to their major, to graduate as a Warren Scholar - an honor - which gave the person an additional piece of paper. Her paper was in the running for a specific award for the "top" paper submitted that year, but it ended up coming in second. I don't know if you would be interested in reading it. If so, I'll ask her to send you a copy.She chose that topic because, on the other side of the family, we have Cherokee ancestors and there is a legend involving my great grandfather James Lafayette Fields that he tried to join the Confederate Army but was too young, so he rode with Quantrell's Raiders. There are no facts to back this story up, of course.

ok - back to the subject. I am Nikki (Lombard) Little, daughter of Raymond Lombard (1915-2009) and Mary Fields (1916-1997). My paternal grandfather was Samuel Edwin Lombard, son of Welcome Ballou Lombard and Emily Page. My email address is

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