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Surgeons & Ass't Surgeons & Quartermasters Of New Jersey Regiments.

This is a list of Surgeons & Ass't Surgeons and Quartermasters from the different New Jersey Regiments.  Many of these names will have more information, and will be given upon request.

Ninth New Jersey, Volunteer Infantry.

Surgeons & Ass't Surgeon.
1. Frederick S. ( W.? ), Weller, Surgeon, Commission October 8, 1861.  His boat capsized in the Hatteras inlet and drown, January 15, 1862.

2. Lewis Braun, Elizabeth, Ass't Surgeon, Commission October 8, 1861, resigned March 20, 1862.

3. Addison W. Woodhull, formerly Ass't surgeon, 5th., New Jersey Volunteers, Commission and mustered as surgeon, February 6, 1862; wounded at Young's Cross-Road, July 27, 1862; also at Walthall, May6, 1864; discharged expiration of time of service, February 8, 1865.

4. Fidelio Gillette, Salem County, Co. M., Ass't surgeon, August 20, 1862; promoted Surgeon, February 8, 1865; mustered out July 31, 1865.

5. John M. Davies, New Orleans, Promoted and appointed Ass't surgeon, May 23, 1862; resigned June, 1865.

Fifteenth New Jersey Volunteer Infantry.

Surgeons & Ass't Surgeon.

1. Redford Sharp, Ass't Surgeon, Sixth N. J. V., August 25, 1861.  Commission Surgeon, July 19, 1862.  Mustered July 25, 1862.  Detail Div. Hdgr, December 6, 1864.  Died in Texas.

2. George R. Sullivan, Ass't Surgeon, commission July 11, 1862.  Mustered August 25, 1862.  Promoted Surgeon, 39th., N. J. V., September 25, 1864.  Residence Flemington N. J.

3. George Dearborn, Ass't Surgeon, commission August 20, 1862.  Mustered August 25, 1862.  Resigned  November 26, 1862.  Residence Washington D. C. (?)

4. Charles E. Hall, Ass't Surgeon, commission March 26, 1863.  Mustered and joined regiment, April 20, 1863.  Promoted Surgeon, Fortieth N. J. V.,  February 14, 1865.  Residence Freehold, N. J.

5. George D. Fitch, Ass't Surgeon, commission March 14, 1865, mustered March 22, 1865.  Trans. to Second Batt. June 21, 1865.  Residence Philadelphia.

First New Jersey Cavalry. 

Surgeons & Ass't Surgeon

1. William W. L. Phillips, Surgeon.
2. William S. Willes, Ass't Surgeon.
3. Ferdinand V. Dayton, Ass't. Surgeon.
4. John W. Blackfan, Ass't. Surgeon.
5. Samuel Powell, Ass't. Surgeon.
8. Samuel Jones, Hospital Stewd, Ass't Surgeon.
9. Stephen W. Van Duyn, Ass't. Surgeon.
First Batt.
1. Smith Wright, Farrier, Co. L., Vet., Surgeon.
Second Batt.
1. Richard Wilson, Vet, Surgeon, Co. C., Vet., Surgeon.

Ninth New Jerset Infantry.


1. John Bamford. Quartermaster-Sergeant, appointed October 8, 1861; discharged and commissioned 2nd., Lieutenant, 3rd., New Jersey Cavalry.

2. Oscar Van Bergen, appointed Quartermaster-Sergeant, January 1, 1864, received a commission as 2nd., Lieutenant, Co. E., May 5, 1864, when the regiment was at Yorktown, preparing for active service; the commission was veluntarily returned July 27, 1864, and former duty resumed.

3. Samuel Keys, Burlington, Quartermaster, commissioned October 8, 1861, discharged at expiration of time of service, October 26, 1864.

4. John A. McDougall, Co. M., promoted 2nd., Lieutenant Co. M., May 16, 1862; promted 1st., Lieutenant and detached A. A. Quartermaster June 18, 1862; discharged February 18, 1865.

5. Richard J. Berdan, Co. E., promoted and transferred 2nd., Lieutenant Co. C., September 9, 1864; transferred back to Co. E., September 23, 1864; promoted 1st., Lieutenant and appointed regimental Quartermaster, March 5, 1865.

Second New Jersey Infantry Co. L.


1. Addison Ely Jr., Quartermaster-Sergeant, Residence Rutheafor.

Fifteenth New Jersey Infantry.


1. Lowe Emerson, Quartermaster, Private, Co. C., 15th., N. J. V., commissioned August 15, 1862; Residence Cineinnatt Ohio.

2. Floyed F. Williams, Quartermaster-Sergeant, Enlisted Sergeant Co. K., August 2, 1862.  Quartermaster-Sergeant August28, 1862.  Private Co. K., April 14, 1863, commissioned 2nd., Lieutenant Co. D., September 10, 1864.  Mustered September 28, 1864.  Wounded October 9, 1864; discharged for dis.  December 17, 1864.  Residence Beemeaville.

3. Walter Johnson, Quartermaster, enlisted Sergeant Co. I., July 25, 1864., Quartermaster-Sergeant, April 28, 1863.

First New Jersey Cavalry.
Field & Staff.


1. Benjamin B. Halsted, Quartermaster.
2. Allen Dale, commissioned Sergeant, Quartermaster.
3. Edwin R. Blaker, 1st., Lieutenant, Co. E., Quartermaster.
4. William W. James, Quartermaster.
5. Charles P. Thompson, commissioned Sergeant, Quartermaster-Sergeant, Quartermaster.

Company Quartermasters

Company A.

1. Davod J. Walton, Corporal, Quartermaster-Sergeant.
2. John H. Forrons, Private, Quartermaster.

Company C.

1. Culver Marshall, Private, Co. F., Quartermaster.

Company D.

1. Charles P. Thompson, Private, Corporal, commissioned Sergeant, Regimental Quartermaster-Sergeant. 
2. Thomas Decourcey, Private, Co. A., Quartermaster-Sergeant, Private, Co. E.

Company E. 

1. John L. McFarland, Quartermaster-Sergeant.
2. Alfred R. Vail, Private, Corporal, Quartermaster.

Company F.

1. Jonathan Goble, Quartermaster, commissioned 2nd., Batt.

Company G.

1. Edward F. Wenner, Private, Co. L., Corporal, Quartermaster, Sergeant Major.
2.  John Skillman, Quartermaster, dead.

Company H.

1. Henry S. Stull, Quartermaster-Sergeant, Co. I., 2nd., Lieutenant.
2. Franklin Hamell, Sergeant, Quartermaster-Sergeant 3rd., Batt.

Company I.

1. Richard Darmstadt, Quartermaster-Sergeant Co. G., 2nd., Lieytenant.
2. Napolen B. Adams, Sergeant, Quartermaster, discharged.

Company K.

1. David Smith, Corporal, Sergeant, Quartermaster-Sergeant.
2. Robert J. Seeley, Private, Co. I., Quartermaster-Sergeant.

Company L.

1. John J. Bray, Private, Quartermaster-Sergeant, dead.

Company M.

1. James M. Tillman, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Quartermaster-Sergeant.


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