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First-Second & Third Indian Infantry, Home Guards, ( Buried. )

One of the harder regiments to research is that of the Indian Home Guards.  I have been asked many times over the years to look up some one from one of these regiments.  But as there are only rosters for the officers, Colonel's down to Lieutenant's, there are no non-commissioned  or privates on the rosters.

Now if some was to go to the Nation Park Service, with a officers name and look up the men from that regiment one could almost make up a full roster.  I said almost as some of the men moved from one regiment to another.

The following men were buried in the National Cemetery, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory.
There are 2,117, men buried there, out of that number only 151, are known.  There is little information here, only name, rank, company, and some times death date.  It should noted that some of these men will be white.

First Indian, Infantry, Home Guard.

Little Alexander, Private, Co. C.
William Carter, Private, Co. D.
Killer Catch, Private, Co. D.
Co- mon-chee, Private, Co. D.
Robert Kemp, Private, Co. D.
Kill-him, Private, Co. D.
Lah-tc-ya-hola, Private, Co. D.
Sam Long, Private, Co. D., Died 1864.
Will Lowe, Private, Co. D.
Mik-ke-marter, Private, Co. C.
Nok-has-se-marrah, Private, Co. D., Died 1864.
Ok-la-bis-haio, Private, Co. D.

Second Indian Infantry, Home Guards.

James Benge, Private, Co. ?
Walking Stick Jack, Private, Co. A.
River Stigger Red, Private, Co. A.

Third Indian Infantry, Home Guards.

James Burnes, Private, Co. I.
Samuel Elias, Private, Co. A.
Nelson Grubb, Private, Co. I.
Jim Kingfisher, Private, Co. B.
James Proctor, Private, Co. H.
Seque-yah, Private, Co. A., Died 1864.

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