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Indiana Sailors Who Died In Service, W. W. I.

The men on this list lost their lifes by haveing their ship torpedoed or in a submarine action.  Some would died from drowning, while some would be lost at sea.  There were hundreds of sailors from Indiana who lost their lifes in the service of W. W. I., from other season then what is stated here.

All the men stated here has a picture, that goes with the information, but will not be post here be cause of space.  However you may request a picture, but as these are from a old printing the condition will be from good to poor, but if you don't have a pictures of your ancestor it will be better then nothing.

Authors Note.  At the bottom of this list there will be a example on what the picture and information will look like..  Those of you who didn't find your ancestor on this list may request a look up.  However they must have been a sailor and living in Indiana at the time of his death.

Austin Clyde Wilson, Gunner, U. S. N.
Son of George C. and Ida M. Wilson; born June 22, 1896, Muncie, Ind., Enlisted in the U. S. Navy in 1914.  Served three years, was honorably discharged.  Reenlisted September 6, 1917.  Assigned to the supply ship "Teresa".  Promoted to First Class Gunner on the "Westover", on which he lost his life when the boat was torpedoed, July 11, 1918.

Reginald John Fisher, Gunner, U. S. N.
Son of Fred W. and Mary Mason Fisher; born February 28, 1893, Richmond Ind.  Moved to Fayette County, 1902, was a farmer.  Enlisted in the U. S. Navy, May 8, 1917, Connersville, Ind.  Sent to Newport R. I., for traing.  Served in the forign waters for several months.  Killed when the "Jacob Jones", was torpedoed December 6, 1917.  He was the first man from Fayette County, to give his life in the World War.  The American Legion Post, Connersvills, Ind., is named in his honor.

Fred Lee Holder, Fireman 2nd., Class.
Son of Jesse and Belle Snow Holder; born December 5, 1893, Monroe, Ind., family moved to Switx City, Greene, County, Ind., 1894.  He was a Miner.  Enlisted in the U. S. Navy, May 28, 1917, Indianapolis, Ind., assigned to duty as Fireman 2nd., class on the "Von Steuben".  Lost his life at sea, July 17, 1918.

Frederick Royal Huffman, Fireman 3rd., Class.
Son of John C. and Margaret Huffman; born September 17, 1893, Bloomfield, Ind.  He was a farmer.  Enlisted the U. S. Navy, December 2, 1917.  Sent to Newport R. I; assigned to duty as Fireman 3rd., class on the "Mount Vernon."  Lost his life September 5, 1918, when the "Mount Vernon," was torpedoed by a German Submarine.  Burid in Newberry Cemetery, Greene,County, Ind.  Crew was commended by the Secretary of the Navy for remaining on duty following the torpedoed of the vessel.

Harey Harrison, Seaman.
Son of Calvin and Dora Harrison; born December 14, 1889, Noblesville, Ind.  He served several years in the regular U. S. Army.  When he enlisted in the U. S. Navy, while home on furlough, April 1918.  Sent to Norfolk, Va.; assigned to the "Westover."  Lost his life July 11, 1918, when the "Westover, " was torpedoed while en route to France.

Louis A. Bartels, Seaman.
Son of Harry and May Bartels; born November 2, 1891, Lawrenceburg, Ind.  Enlisted in the U. S. Navy, February, 1908.  Served continuously until the time of his death, which occrred July 1, 1918, on the "U. S. S. Covington."  Ship was sunk by a German submarine.  Note.  There is no picture of him.

Earl Grigsby, Gunner Mate, 2nd., Class.
Son of Richard and Amanda Grigsby; born November 24, 1889, New Palestine, Hancock County, Ind.  He is a laborer.  Enlisted in the U. S. Navy May 7, 1917, Indianapolis, Ind.  Sent to Norfolk, Va.; transferred to the Naval Hospital, New York; assigned to duty on the "Cyclops," with rank of 2nd., Class Gunners Mate.  The "Cyclops," was last seen near the West India Islands, January 14, 1918; supposed to have been destroyed by a submarine.  No word has been heard of the ship or its crew.

Joseph James Schultz, Seaman.
Born May 30, 1894, in Poland.  Came to the United States, and was living in Fort Wayne, Ind., when he enlisted in the U. S. Navy, April 26, 1917.  Attained the rank of Seaman.  Drowned November 1, 1917, off U. S. Coast, when the launch which he and some comrades were using for transport in order to board the Battleship "Michigan," capsized.  The bodies were recovered, and Seaman Schultz's remains were returned to Fort Wayne, and interred in the Catholic Cemetery.

Albin Leonhard Ratz, Seaman.
Son of Joseph and Mary Witt Ratz; born February 26, 1894, St. Leon, Ind.  He was a Farmer.  Enlisted in the U. S. Navy in 1915.  Sent to Great Lakes Training Station, Ill.  Serving on the "Peoria," at the outbreak of the World War.  Ordered overseas.  Drowned off the coast of France, September 23, 1917.  Buried, St. Nazaire, France.

Thomas Melvin DeWitt, Wireless Operator.
Son of Emmett E. and Elizabeth DeWitt; born December 18, 1895, Chicago, Ill.  Later moved to Muncie, Ind., where he became advertising Manager for the Munie "Star."  Enlisted service November 14, 1917, in the Radio Department of the U. S. Naval Reserves, Great Lakes Training Station, Chicago, Ill.  Assigned to duty as Third Class, Radio Operator.  Sent to Harvard Unversity for training; then to New London, Conn.  Drowned December 6, 1918, off Tangier, Morocco.

Jonathan Lee Miller, Seaman 1st., Class.
Son of James H. and Phoebe Miller; born December 9, 1890, Mauckport, Harrison County, Ind.  He was a farmer.  Enlisted in the U. S. Navy December 3, 1917, De Moines, Iowa.  Assigned to the U. S. Battleship "New Hamphire."  Fell overboard accidentally, and was drowned September 17, 1918.  His body was never recovered.

Samuel Alexander Skellenger, Seaman 2nd., Class.
Son of R. J. and Mary Skellenger ( McCurtain ); born August 31, 1892, Smyrna, Mich.  Moved to Carroll County, Ind., in early life.  He was a Carpenter.  Enlisted in the U. S. Navy, July 28, 1917, Miami Fla.  Sent to Charleston S. C., for training.  Went aboard the "Cyelops," January 8, 1918.  Lost at sea between March 4th. and 13th., 1918.  Survied by Widow, Rebecca Skellenger, and two children Francis A. and June Shirely, Menomonee, Wis.

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