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Charles G. Bratton.

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When I first ran across Charles G. Bratton, I found his story very interesting, a lot of it had do with I grow up around Burlingame Kansas, ( Scranton .) I did a page on him in 2008, which you may want to read as there is some information on that page that will not be on this page.

Charles was born in September 16, 1848, Pennsylvania, to Rev. George and Rebecca J. ( Allison ) Bratton.  Charles came to Burlingame Kansas as a small boy and grew into manhood there.  Mrs. Bratton was the proprietor of the Bratton House ( Hotle ), Mr. Bratton was a Minister but a carpenter by trade.  There is no record on his live in Burlingame.  In 1870, we find him in Wichita Kansas, he was 21, years.  There is no historical record on how or way he was there, but in February of 1872, he was a special policeman on the Wichita plice force.  Nothing is found on him till 1874, when we find him back in Burlingame, there is no record on why he was in Burlingame, more then likely to visit his family. 

On December 27, 1874, this news story appeared in ( The Commonwealth p4., col. 3.)

Date December 23, 1874, Afatal stabbing affray took place in this city last night.  As James Louders, our city marshal was taking Don Wurtze or Wortz to the lock-up, on a warrant for attempting to shoot his wife, Wurtze pulled a butcher knife from his boot and stabbed Charles G. Bratton twice.  Bratton was aiding marshal.  The first time in his side, the knife penetrating to his lungs, the second time in the small of his back, the knife going through one of his kidneys.  The wounds are considered fatal.  Wurtze was under the influsnce of liquor.  He was proptly disarmed and conveyed to the lockup.

On December 30, 1874, another story appeared in The Commonwealth Col 1., p. 4.

A Letter from our Burlingame correspondent brings the news of the death of Mr. Charles Bratton at that place.  Mr. Bratton was a cordial friend, a good citizen, and we, in common with the citizens of Burlingame deplore his untimely end.

The circuit court of Osage county will hold an adjourned session next week.  Probably Wortz or Wurtze will be tried for the murder of Mr. Bratton.

A final news story appeared in The Commonweath, on December 30, 1874, p.4, Col. 2.

Date December 29, 1874, Charles G. Bratton, who was stabbed by Don Wortz or Wurtze , as reported in the Commonweath, died on Sabbath morning and was buried yesterday.

Last evening Don  Wortz or Wurtze was brought up for examintion on the charge of murder, and pleaded guiltyand is sent up to jail at Topeka to-day.

Charles G. Bratton, Burial was at the Burlingame City Cemetery, Osage County Kansas. 

Charles G. Bratton can also be found on the United States, Officer Down Memorial, which is on line.

Rev. George Bratton, father of Charles G. Bratton.

REV. GEORGE BRATTON came to Kansas in 1854 from Indiana County, Pa., having first organized a company, which was afterwards concentrated with the American Settlement Company of New York. Mr. Bratton located a quarter section of land, which is now a part of the town of Burlingame. He afterward took an additional claim of 160 acres near the present town site. In the spring of 1855 others came and joined the feeble settlement and located a saw-mill and went through all the privations of pioneer life. Rev. Mr. Bratton was born in Mifflin County, Pa., May 27, 1816. Resided there until 1838 and learned the carpenters' trade and moved to Western Pennsylvania. Was married November 1, 1838, at Centerville, Pa., to Miss Rebecca J. Allison, a native of Indiana County, Pa. Resided in that locality a few years, and returned to his native county.

Exhorted some and was a member of the Quarterly Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church before coming West. In 1845 he united with the denomination of United Brethren in Christ, since which time he has been a minister of that denomination. While on his way to Kansas, Mr. Bratton, with others, was robbed of all the money he had, on the steamboat, but received assistance from Mrs. Bratton's brother, S. A. Allison, who, by the way, was the first postmaster of the little settlement. They kept a tavern in the building where the Kansas Lumber Company's office now is. In 1858, the Bratton House was erected, the lots being deeded to Mrs. Bratton by the Town Company. The first place of worship was in Mr. Bratton's cabin, which stood near the spot where the depot now stands. For many years Mrs. Bratton was the active proprietor of the Bratton House, Mr. Bratton being occupied with other matters.

They have had nine children, of whom only two are now living; Joseph, now in business at Burlington, Coffey County, and Emma, now Mrs. S. E. Shibby, of Burlingame. Emma was the first child born in Burlingame. Two of the boys were in the army; Robert A., first in the Second Kansas and afterward in Company E, One Hundred and Fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry; he was wounded at Peach Tree Creek in front of Atlanta, and brought home by his father, but never entirely recovered; was afterward elected Sheriff of Osage County but subsequently died from the effects of his wounds; Joseph M. enlisted in the Twelfth Kansas and served until the close of the war.

At the time of the organization of Osage County, Mr. Bratton was Chairman of the Board and helped locate the county boundaries, roads, bridges, etc. Mr. Bratton has been a member of the City Council for fourteen years. Although becoming somewhat feeble in health, still takes an active interest in the town which he helped make, and still ministers in the church of his choice.  George Bratton, birth was May 27, 1816, his death was January 16, 1888. Burial was  Burlingame City Cemetery, Osage County Kansas.

Rebecca J. ( Allison ) Bratton mother of Charles G. Bratton, Born October 22, 1818, death April 28, 1899, burial  Burlingame City Cemetery, Osage County Kansas.

Samuel A. Bratton, brother to Charles G. Bratton, born May 29, 1851, death December 2, 1879, burial  Burlingame City Cemetery, Osage County Kansas.

Most of his Brothers and Sisters burials are at  Burlingame City Cemetery, Osage County Kansas.

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