Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Jack Shoolbred Of Butler's Scouts.

I found Jack Shoolbred a interresting man, for his deeds in the civil war if "Jack" was his real name.  I was unable to find him on any regimental rosters or on any death sites.  Jack may have been a nick name.  If any of you readers have any information on him I well be glad to post it here.

In the fall of 1864 the fearless scout Jack Shoolbred, while scouting for Butler in rear of Grant s Army, captured a negro soldier and brought him to General Butler, and when asked what he proposed to do with him, said : "Well, General, I think I can sell him to Dick Hogan." Captain Hogan gave him two nice Yankee horses for the Yankee negro. Hogan sent the negro home and put him in the cotton patch. Jack Shoolbred rode one of the horses (a splendid clay bank) until the end of the war, and
brought him home.

In 1863 Captain McDonald, of the First Michigan Cavalry, was sent out with a squad of men to do up the "Iron Scouts." Dick Hogan, Bill Mikler, Jack Shoolbred, Newt. Fowles, Barney Henegan, Calhoun Sparks, Cecil Johnson, Hugh Mikler, Prioleau Henderson, Joe Beck, George Crafton and Jim Dulin were the kind of men that Captain McDonald was sent after. Only three or four of the above scouts met him. They saw him coming and when it suited them they charged him, killing and capturing the last one of them. Jack Shoolbred, having emptied one pistol, threw it at the gallant Captain McDonald, striking him on the head, and, he being stunned by the blow, Jack drew his other pistol and shot him in the shoulder. McDonald said, "You have wounded me, and I will surrender." Thus ended McDonald s raids for a while at least.

Jack Shoolbred, in the latter part of 1863, while in a house, the Yankees surrounded it and captured him and his fine horse, Don, but Jack never could recapture him as he was ridden during the remainder of the war by the adjutant of the Eighth Illinois Cavalry, who was not required to do picket duty. Jack escaped that night.

In the autumn of 1863 Dick Hogan, Barney Henegan, Prioleau Henderson, Jack Shoolbred and another scout rode up to Mrs. Maxfield s house one day about 11 o clock A. M. and found that the enemy had just left after robbing her of everything they could lay hands on chickens, ducks, geese, bacon, flour, potatoes and even her sheets and wearing apparel. They told her that she had been harboring Hampton s scouts and they intended to break it up. There were seven in the Yankee squad and five of the Iron
Scouts,- who took a near cut on them, and at Mr. Trenniss house they caught sight of them. Now the race began. The Yanks threw away everything they had stolen. Our scouts killed two, wounded three, captured one and only one escaped.

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Anonymous said...

Jack's full name is John Stanyarn Shoolbred. He was my great great grandfather.