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First Name Of Jacob.

From time to time I will do a page on a first name, this time its Jacob.  There are thousands of people with this name, so I can only name a few.  This is what I call a lead page, where you may learn something about your ancestor you never knew.  This page may lead you in a new direction of research.  I will have no other informaation on these names unless noted.

Jacob Remf also spelled Kemf, this is about land in Ohio.  This information is a "Bill", the date is February 16, 1829.  I will give the Bill upon request.

Andrew B. Neugardt, a son of Jacob Neugardt, of Upper Mahantango Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, and within the tenth congressional district of said State, was drafted in the fall of the year eighteen hundred and sixty-four, to serve for the period of three years in the Army of the United States; and Whereas the said Jacob Neugardt procured Simon B. Neugardt, another of his sons, to be accepted and mustered into the service as the substitute for the said Andrew B. Neugardt; and Whereas the said Jacob Neugardt afterward induced his said son to desert from the Army, whereupon James W. Bowen, then the provost-marshal of said tenth congressional district, in pursuance of orders from the War Department, caused the said Jacob Neugardt to be arrested and detained for inducing his son to desert, and discharged him upon voluntarily depositing the sum of six hundred and twenty-five dollars to procure another substitute, and which substitute was procured and mustered into the service of the United States, and a certificate of discharge of said Simon B. Neugardt issued and delivered to the said Jacob Neugardt; and Whereas the said Jacob Neugardt afterward repudiated the transaction, denied the deposit of the money for the purpose aforesaid, and brought suit and recovered judgment against the said James W. Bowen in the courts of Pennsylvania, and he, the said James W. Bowen, was compelled to refund the sum out of his own private means.

June 5, 1838, I nominate Jacob T. Bradford to be register of the land office for the district of lands subject to sale at Mardisville, in the State of Alabama, from the 16th of the present month, when his present commission will expire.

Jacob H. Holt, was Clerk for the Quartermaster at West Point at New York, from May 1, 1829 to May 31, 1829.

Jacob L. Vance of Ohio, lost his horse in 1813, was paid fifty dollars.

Jacob Zimmerman, placed on the invalid pensioners list at eight dollars per month, commenceing January 1, 1850, for life.

In December of 1847, Mary Brown widow of Jacob Brown of Clarksburgh, Massachusetts, widow of Jacob Broen and step-mother of Major Jacob Brown a pension of twenty dollars per month, commencinh Jan 1, 1847, for her natural life.

Jacob Weber, Private, of the Fourth Ohio Infantry, This is a "Bill<" and will be given upon request.

Jacob Schaeffer, was a parivat in the United States Army, enlisted for five years, but was discharge after eighteen months as the war was over.  Being anxious to rejoin his family on condition he relinguis his bounty land.  There is more to this story if you request it.

Jacob Purkill, had a negro worth #700, dollars and died after being impressed by General Jackson.  There is more to this and will be given upon request.

Jacob Gates, served in Captain John A. Burd, Second Regiment, Light Dragoons, Pennsylvania Militia, War of 1812  A pension of eight dollars per month, for life.

Jacob Huggins, private in Co. A., Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry, civil war, given a pension.

A "Bill," for Jacob H. Ela, United States Marshal, New Hampshire.  This info will be given upon request.

Jacob J. Anderson had a letter-patent for an improved cooking stove, the year 1855.

Jacob S. Baker, of Marion county Illinois, a private in Company I, Fourth Indiana infantry, of the Mexico War, a pension was given.

Jacob Shafer, Corporal, Twentieth Infantry, 160 acres.

Jacob Banta was authorized to enter and locate on 160 acres in Illinois or Iowa, this was a Revolutionary bounty land.

Jacob P. Montgomery gave $75, dollars for medicines to Captain W. M. Key's, Mississippi Volunteers in the Mexican War.

Jacob R. Davis of Richmond Georgia was paid $1,500, for his service as an agent for the Freedmen's Bureau, of Richmond County Georgia, from June 1, 1866 to June 1, 1867.

Jacob Butler was paid $172.44 dollars in 1826, for the loss of two horses who died in the service of the united states, died for want of forage.

Jacob Babbitt of Bristol. Rhode Island.  This is a "Bill," and will be gien on request.

Jacob Dox, of New York, was paid for his service as an agent in the investigating the claims of the sufferers of the Niagars frontier, the amount not to exceed 300, dollars per day of each day of service.

March 18, 1846, A memorial of Mary Feathers, of Preston county, and State of Virginia, widow and relict of Jacob Feathers, deceased, who was a soldier of the American army in the war of the Revolution, praying for a pension on account of the services of her deceased husband.

Jacob Weart, collector of internal revenue of fifth distcit of New Jersey.  This is a "Bill," which will be given on request.

Jacob Barnitz, was wounded will a ensign in Captain Christian Stoke's company in Colonel Michael Swope's flying-camp.

Jacob Senneff, a extension of letter patent for wire heddles dated January 13, 1852.

Jacob Dodson ( Colored ) Private in Captain Richard Owen's company.  This is a "Bill," and will be given upon request.

Jacob Waggoner, Illinois, Land.  This is a "Bill," and will be given upon request.

Jacob B. Cuyle, private in Co. B., First New York Cavalry, given a pension of fifteen dollars per month, starting December 26, 1867.  CUYLE, JACOB B.—Age, 44 years. Enlisted, April 12, 1864,
at Martinsburg, W. Va.; mustered in as private, Co. B, April 12, 1864, to serve three years; appointed farrier, June 24, 1864; •mustered out with company, July 20,1865, at Camp Piatt, W.Va,

Jacob Pennell, was one of the owners of the vessel Eliza.

Jacob Thomas of Texas was paid $280, dollars for losses sustained by indians in the year 1850

Jacob Greaves.of the City of Washington, was put on the invalid pension roll at eight dollars per month for his natural fife.

Jacob Dice, of Fountain County Indiana was a Second Lieutenant and did some recruiting in Indiana for General Kilpatrick, from September 16, 1861 to December 16, 1861.

Jacob Wilderman of Illinois was paid $240, dollars for his service as a Mounted Ranger, in Captain Short's company, from May 16, 1814 to May 15, 1815.

Abigail Garland of Potten, province of Canada East, widow of Jacob Garland, Revolutionary pension of five dollars per month for her natural life.

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