Friday, July 20, 2012

John F. P. Robie

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John F. P. Robie, featured wearing his uniform and carrying a snare drum, was only thirteen years old when he joined a New Hampshire Infantry Regiment, and he was not alone. He was one of more than 1,500 boys under the age of fourteen to go to war! In addition to helping soldiers march in rhythm, drummer boys like Robie used various drum calls to send messages and signals to the troops. Some were wounded in the course of these duties.

John F. P. robie, was born in 1848, his residence in 1860, was Hillsborough N. H.  He was in the eighth New Hampshire Infantry company F., of the Drum Corps.

The following was taken from the Regimental history of the eighth New Hanpshire Infantry.

John F. P. Robie, of the drum corps, who, of course, were there and assisted in taking charge of and burying the dead, agree in saying that the line was at the crest of  the hill in rear of the lone chimney, about the distance which Durgin has set it, viz., twenty rods, whereas the bodies are shown in the picture as being brought only to the large trees in advance of the chimney, and groups of Union soldiers are there seen.

Speaking of the drum corps, perhaps it is well to say that, at the above time and place, in discussing in regard to who was the youngest enlisted in the regiment, opinion was divided between J. F. Robie and Thomas J. Fitzgerald, both being in years, thirteen and a fraction.

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