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Colonel Tom D. Thomson.

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Colonel Tom D. Thomson, was born in Limestone County Ala., in his early manhood he became a citizen of Arkansas, and when the first call for troops was made in 1861, to defend the Southen Confederacy, he responded and went out as a private in Captain Jordan's company of the 15th., Arkansas Regiment.  He was with this regiment He was with this regiment at Fort Hindman, Kentucky, and at Forts Henry and Donelion, then joined Captain Dawson's company of the 33rd., Arkansas Regiment, and was elected First Lieutenant.  Later he became captain and was in command at the battle of Prairie Grove, North Arkansas, in December 1862. 

At the reorganization of the regiment he was elected Lieutenant Colonel and commanded the regiment at the battle of Pleasant Hill, La., April 9, 1864.  In april of that year the bloody battle of Jenkin's Fery was fought, and he performed his most thrilling act of bravery by rallying his men when they had met with a severe and were reteating in wid disorder.

Out of two hundred men ninety-? of them including two gallant officers, Col. H. L. Grin--? and Lieutenant Hugh Callum, had been killed.  The brave young Lieutenant Colonel, by his daring example, ---? them to renewal of the attack.  For this he was promoted to Colonel and held that position to the close of the war.

Tom D. Thomson.

Birth: Nov. 8, 1834, Limestone County, Alabama.
Death: Aug. 12, 1900, Camden, Ouachita County, Arkansas.
Wife: Martha A Cross Thomson (1837 - 1902)
Children: Dora Thomson Sifford (1859 - 1936), Bettie Thomson Holleman (1861 - 1911), Louie M Thomson (1876 - 1952)
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Camden, Ouachita County, Arkansas.

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