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Names Of Slaves Owners.

Here are a few names of slaves owners from across the United States.  I can't possibly give all the names as there are just to many, and some wrere missed because they were to hard to read..  I will name only a few from the states I have.  As some of the towns names are to hard to read I will only state the county name.  There will be no slave names only the owners and how many slaves he or she had.

When I hear the word slave I aways get a picture of a big plantation this maybe because of all my research on the Civil War.  But in truth most slaves were own by small households or small farms who only had 1to 3 slaves.  The bigger farms which we call plantations would have anywhere between 50 and 250 slaves.

I know there is a interest in finding slaves names as well as the names of those that own them.  This list is to help you get a statr.
Note. Some of the first names and surnames may be missed spelled as they were so hard to read.

Rhode Island 1790, Kent County.

Samuel Clarke, 1 slave.
Joshus Ingraham, 5 slaves.
Charles Dewoolf, 1 slave.
William Peirce, 1 slave.
William H. Bradford, 2 slaves.
John Waldson, 2 slaves.
Thomas Gray, 1 slave.
Hezekiah Munroe, 1 slave.
Elizabeth Munroe, 1 slave.
William Coggeshal, 1 slave.
Joseph Witmarsh, 1 slave.
John Childs, 2 slaves.
Lydia Carr, 2 slaves.
William T. Miller, 1 slave.
Rebekah Miller, 2 slaves.
Martin Luther, 5 slaves.
William Lewis, 1 slave.
Shubal Burr, 2 slaves.
Thomas Burdon or Burden, 1 slave.
Benjamin Barton, 1 slave.
John Mason, 4 slaves.
Mary Green, 1 slave.
Jeremiah Green, 1 slave.
Joseph Fry, 1 slave.
Sylvester Sweet, 1 slave.
James Green, 1 slave.
Ann Green, 1 slave.
Harris Arnold, 1 slave.
Rufus Barton, 1 slave.
Thomas Green, 1 slave.
Thomas Weeks, 8 slaves.
William Lippitt, 5 slaves.
Thomas Lippitt, 1 slave.
Benjamin Green, 2 slaves.
John Lippitt, 7 slaves.
Abraham Lippitt, 1 slave.
James Green, 1 slave.
Ann Green, 1 slave.
James Rhodes, 1 slave.
William Nichols, 2 slaves.
Haszard Boss, 6 slaves.

Virginia 1790, Bristol County.

Kelley Duncan, 1 slave.
Ebenezar, Tiffany, 1 slave.
Mathew Watson, 1 slave.
James Bicknall, 1 slave.
Nathaniel Smith, 2 slaves.
Edward Bosworth, 2 slaves.
Samuel Allen, 3 slaves.
John Comas, 1 slave.
Thomas K. Comas, 1 slave.
Isaac Gosham, 5 slaves.
Nubey Coggeshall, 1 slave.
Jonathan Peck, 7 slaves.
Nathaniel Peirce, 2 slaves.
Joseph Reynolds, 1 slave.
Loring Peck, 3 slaves.
Peter Church, 2 slaves.
Lydia Reynolds, 2 slaves.
Joseph Greene, 1 slave.
William Gardnier, 1 slave.
Ann Burt, 1 slave.
Sarah Munroe, 1 slave.
James Dimon, 1 slave.
Johathan Russell, 1 slave.
Samuel Wardwell, 2 slaves.
Hannah Martin, 5 slaves.
Sarah Hathgill, 3 slaves.

Connecticut 1790, Fairfield County.

Luther Bulkiey, 1 slave.
Sarah Hawley, 2 slaves.
Major Taylor, 1 slave.
John McClane, 1 slave.
Joseph M. White, 1 slave.
Frederick S. Whiting, 1 slave.
Ell Mygatt, 1 slave.
Giddeon Wakeman, 1 slave.
Talcott Burr, 1 slave.
Thomas Nash, 5 slaves.
Joseph Wakeman, 3 slaves.
Joseph Bennet, 1 slave.
Hezekiel Ripley, 1 slave.
Thaddeus Disbrow, 2 slaves.
Asahel Disrow, 1 slave.
Nathan Godfry, 1 slave.
Simon Couch, 2 slaves.
Abigall Osborn, 1 slave.
Seth Bradley, 4 slaves.
David Rogers, 2 slaves.
Samuel Bradley, 4 slaves.
Hezekiah Bradley, 7 slaves.
Joseph Hill, 3 slaves.
Ezekiel Hull, 3 slaves.
Eliphilet Hull, 3 slaves.

Maryland 1790, Ann-Arundel County.

William Weed, 9 slaves.
Elizabeth Ward, 10 slaves.
Francis Serivenor, 7 slaves.
Joseph Smith, 10 slaves.
Walter Harrison, 9 slaves.
Prisclila Simmons, 21 slaves.
Marmaduke Wyval, 14 slaves.
Joseph Deal, 17 slaves.
Elizabeth Simmons, 6 slaves.
Richard Simmons, 10 slaves.
William Tillard, 13 slaves.
Richard Darnall, 153 slaves.
Bennit Darnall, 157 slaves.
Nicholas Darnall, 13 slaves.
Ezekel Got, 17 slaves.
James Disney 20 slaves.
Benjamin Watkins, 21 slaves.
John C. Weems, 114 slaves.
Richard Harrison, 15 slaves.
William Franklin, 26 slaves.
Jacob Franklin, 23 slaves.
Benjamin Harrison Sr., 31 slaves.
Susannah Johns, 21 slaves.

South Carolina 1790, Larens County.

Josiah Bowman, 6 slaves.
Zachariah Ballen, 5 slaves.
Joel Lucey, 3 slaves.
Nicholas Vance, 8 slaves.
Patrick Cunningham, 46 slaves.
Reubin Piles, 10 slaves.
John Milam, 5 slaves.
David Green, 5 slaves.
Jonathan Downes 5, slaves.
Thomas Cunningham 3 slaves.
Nathan Camp, 8 slaves.
James Abercromble, 15, slaves.
Joshua Saxon 5 slaves.
Richard Shackieford, 9 slaves.
William Harris, 5 slaves.
James Sullvant, 11 slaves.
Benjamin Jones 6 slaves.
John Boyd, 5 slaves.
George Watts, 8 slaves.
William Dendy, 5 slaves.
William Harden 5 slaves.
David Mayson, 6 slaves.
William Simmons, 6 slaves.
John Hunter, 7 slaves.
John Davis 6 slaves.

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