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Prentiss M. Clark & Sidney W. Clark, Brothers.

Left Sergt. Sidney W. Clark.
Right Sergt. Prentiss M. Clark.
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Clark,  Prentiss M., Age 21; res. Levant; mus. Oct. 19, '61, as private; pro. Corp. and sergt. '62; pris. at Ground Squirrel bridge, May 11, '64; died in prison at Anderson ville, Sept. 8, '64; grave No. 8143.

Clark, Sidney W., Age 29; res. Levant; mus. Oct. 19, '61, as corp. ; pro. sergt. '62; m. o. Nov. 25, '64, ex. of ser.

The following was taken from the Regimental History.

When Co. A left Martinsbiirg, Corp. Sidney W. Clark was detailed to remain there a few days, to take care of the sick, who were distributed around at private houses, as the hospital was broken up, and he was the only Union soldier in the town. Among others left there sick was his brother, Private Prentice M. Clark. One day, as the corporal and his brother were riding through the streets, the latter saw a rebel flag flying from a window of one of the houses, and, as he called the corporal's attention to it, they were greeted with a shower of stones and brick-bats, from thirty or forty 3'elling old men and boys. They rode along, without paying any attention to this salute ; but when they returned, and were again stoned, the corporal suddenly turned his horse upon the crowd, at full speed, when they retired. Reining his horse upon the sidewalk to the win- dow, he pulled down the flag and took it away with him, and, after that, was not molested while he remained there.

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