Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daughter Of Co. K., 9th., Illinois Infantry.

While researching some Illinois regiment I ran across this little story.  I found it interesting and a little sad.

At the battle of Fort Donelson a soldier of Co. K found in the knapsack of a Southern soldier, who had been killed in battle, the picture of a beautiful young lady. He carefully preserved it. At the battle of Shiloh, this soldier was killed. On examining his knapsack, to make the proper inventory of his goods, the Orderly of his company found this picture. He remembered the circumstance of its being found. He carefully preserved it. It was a great favorite with the boys in the company, and received the name of " The Daughter of Co. K." When the Regiment was on the march from Corinth to Athens, in November, 1863, it passed through the town of Pulaski, Tenn. As Lieut. Oats, of Co. K, was riding along the streets of Pulaski, he saw a young lady standing at the door of one of the residences of the town, whom he at once recognized as the original of the picture in posBession of Co. K. Speaking of the matter to others in the company, they all agreed that this was the original. The Lieutenant learned afterwards, to a certainty, that it was the same. The picture still remained in his possession, until near the last of January, 1864. At the time Gen. Roddy's forces made a dash upon our camp, when the Regiment was nearly all out, the officers, as well as men, lost everything that was in their tents. Among other things, the picture of "The Daughter of Co. K," was taken. Its loss is much regretted by the boys.

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