Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Henry Saylors or Sailor, 46th., Indiana.

Henry Saylors or Sailor.

In the regimental history his name was spelled Saylors but in the State records it's spelled Sailor.

Henry Saylors or Sailor, age 40, Regement 46th., Indiana Infantry, Company K., Enlisted November 10, 1861, at Rochester, Indiana.  Nativity of Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  Occupation Farmer.  Drowned in the Mississippi river, August 8, 1862, by the sinking of the steamer Acacia.

The following is from the 46th., regimental history.

About the 20th a steamer ( Acacia ), coming down the Mississippi river,struck a bar and was wrecked. It had on board some 200 soldiers returning to their regiments. Very nearly all were drowned. Henry Saylors or Sailor, of Company K, was among the lost. Some two weeks afterviard, Saylors or Sailor body was found in the river, near the camp of the Forty-sixth. It had floated forty miles and stopped near his company's quarters.

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